World: United States: Texan companies in the law against abortion

How the Anti-Abortion Act of Texas could give ideas to other states of the country

 How the Anti-Abortion Act of Texas could give ideas to other states of the country © Tom Brenner / Reuters protesters pro-abortion before the Supreme Court in Washington on 4 March 2020; The Supreme Court refused to block, Wednesday, the anti-abortion law of Texas that prohibits use of IVG beyond six weeks of pregnancy. A new shot of mass on the ROE V Historical Stop. Wade of 1973 which recognizes abortion as a right protected by the American Constitution. This is not the first time that an American state tries to restrict the right to abortion .

Manifestation pour le droit à l'avortement au Texas, le 1er septembre 2021 à Edinburg. © AP / Joel Martinez Event for the right to abortion in Texas, September 1, 2021 in Edinburg.

in Texas, the most restrictive law of the United States on abortion does not stop reacting. The Ministry of Justice decided to attack Texas for the anti-constitutionality of this law and this weekend, some companies took a stand.

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Salesforce, the N ° 1 World Customer Relationship Software (CRM in English), now offers all employees who can no longer have access to IVG in the state where They work as in Texas, to be relocated elsewhere. The company has nearly 4% of its employees in Texas, or 2,000 people.

Marjorie Dannenfelser: Left's outcry over Texas abortion ban has little to do with science, protecting women

  Marjorie Dannenfelser: Left's outcry over Texas abortion ban has little to do with science, protecting women For the past half century, the pro-abortion Left has attempted to deceive the American people about the science, facts, and the law surrounding abortion. Its ability to reap political benefits from sowing confusion and fear gives activists incentive to stir the pot at every available opportunity. The case of Texas’s Heartbeat Act is no exception. Pro-abortion activists instinctively raised the alarm over the Texas law, an apocalyptic response that has become a predictable ritual. Their aim is to frighten Americans into bowing to their radical policy agenda.

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This position contradicts what the Governor Texan Greg Abbott In support of companies with very conservative laws in this state. "There are many companies that like the social positions taken by the state of Texas. The movement of companies that settle in Texas does not weaken. This is accelerating even. Know that Elon Musk had to leave California in part because of the social policies taken by this state. ELON regularly tells me that he appreciates social policies in Texas.

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Texas Anti-Abortion Groups See ‘Ultimate Goal’ Approaching

  Texas Anti-Abortion Groups See ‘Ultimate Goal’ Approaching Hours before S.B.-8 took effect in Texas, John Seago, legislative sirector of Texas Right to Life and architect of the state’s near-total abortion ban, was confident that his organization had the infrastructure in place to successfully enforce the new law. Over the last five decades, Texas Right to Life, “the oldest, largest, and only statewide Pro-Life organization in Texas,” has amassed a volunteer army of tens of thousands of anti-abortion lawyers and advocates eager to whistleblow, investigate, and bring civil lawsuits against anyone they think may have violated the ban on abortions after six weeks.

ELON MUSK rebuffed since a few months in Boca Chica in the south of the state. Tesla's boss responded by Tweet: "In general, I believe that the government should rarely impose its will on the people and, when it does, it should aspire to maximize happiness. That being said, in general, I prefer to stay outside the policy. "

It must be said that companies prefer to avoid the very cleiring subject of abortion. Thus, HP who has his seat in Texas, just like Dell, have not reacted directly. They just wanted their employees to engage in their community to make their voices heard. Michael Dell, boss of the company of the same name, on the other hand, openly criticized the new electoral law, judging it "anti-democratic".

But as the new law allows to attack a driver who would have transported a pregnant woman to a clinic, Uber and his competitor Lyft decided to take the charges of their drivers. Lyft made a gesture and gave 1 million to Texan family schedule.

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Why Anti-Abortion Groups Won’t Sue the Texas Doc Who Flouted the Ban .
Texas anti-abortion groups are taking no action against a doctor who revealed he terminated a pregnancy after six weeks in violation of a new state ban, bizarrely claiming there is no proof any law was broken. The organizations—which pushed for the law that Dr. Alan Braid freely admits he flouted—seem to be playing a tortured game of semantics to avoid triggering a legal mechanism that could end with the ban being declared unconstitutional. Braid has been sued since he went public with an op-ed in The Washington Post over the weekend, hoping that a suit against him would result in the law being struck down.

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