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World: Cutting to Ofarim Case in Leipzig: Jewish associations demand harder penalties for anti-Semitism

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The handling of a hotel with the singer Ofarim horrified wide parts of the company. Associations of laments dissemed Jewish hatred and demand sharper approach.

Demonstration in Leipzig gegen Antisemitismus. © Photo: Dirk Knofe / DPA Demonstration in Leipzig against anti-Semitism.

According to the anti-Semitism allegations against a Leipziger Hotel , the German-Israeli company (DIG) has demanded a sharper punishment of intelligent insults.

"Anti-Semitism may not be small-minded and should generally be made under punishment," said Dig President Uwe Becker the editorial network Germany. "The criminal stock of the referendum often does not grate far enough to prosecute insults."

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The musician Gil Ofarim had described in a video that an employee of Westin Hotel had asked him on Monday night to take his chain with Davidstern. The employee has now been assumed. This first applies to the duration of the investigation, had said a spokeswoman of the Marriott Group on Wednesday.

According to Leipzig police, Gil Ofarim has not reported any ad so far. However, an online display of an uninvolved third party has been discussed for people's commitment.

The accused hotel staff, according to police, reimbursed a complaint for slander. He signed the incident significantly different from the artist. Ofarim is the son of Israeli musician Abi Ofarim (1937-2018) and grew up in Germany.

"anti-Semitism in all societal milieus spread"

Dig President Becker said, "I'm shocked that such anti-Semitic incidents happen in Germany at all." It makes it clear that anti-Semitism is widespread far beyond the extreme political edges.

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"Now a stand for Jewish life in our country and solidarity is demanded as well as a clear commitment to Israel," Becker said. "An attack on Jewish life in Germany is always an attack on the entire German society."

for Jewish students in Germany is anti-Semitism according to own statements everyday life. "The anti-Semitic incident in the Westin Hotel Leipzig has once again shown how widespread anti-Semitism is in all social milieus, and that Jewishes and Jews are confronted with this everywhere in everyday life ," said the chairman of the Jewish student union, Anna Staroselski, the "Rheinische Post".

They experienced Jewenhass at school, university, subway or on the street. In recent years, there is an increase of anti-Semitic deeds and statements, as shown for the Corona demonstrations or the anti-Semitic protests in May and June.

No personal apology from the hotel

employees of the hotel had held up a banner on Tuesday evening in a solidarity custody in front of the building, where the flag of Israel and the Islamic Crescent were also visible in addition to the hotel name. That came across criticism of the Central Council of the Jews. At the hotel, there is apparently little awareness that Jews are part of the German society.

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Ofarim regretted on Wednesday at Picture TV, he has not received any excuse from the hotel so far. "My management has just got an email that you would like to exchange, talk. But I have not received an opinion on this case, I have no excuse, nothing, "he said.

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from other guests of the hotel have Ofarim also get no support. However, his video has triggered many positive reactions on Instagram.

Already on Tuesday evening, hundreds of people had participated in a solidarity of Solidarity with Jews in Germany in front of the hotel, to which the Alliance "Leipzig takes place". The police estimated the number of participants in the "middle three-digit area".

The DavidStern is one of the most famous symbols associated with Judaism. Although the hexagram as a Jewish sign already occurs in the 7th century before Christ, the David star adorns since the Middle Ages synagogues and since 1948 the flag of the state of Israel. During National Socialism, the David star was imposed on the Jews as Stigma ("Jewish star"). (dpa)

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