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World: Gabby Péto: Brian Laundrie remains not found

Who is Brian Laundrie's older sister, Cassie Luycx?

  Who is Brian Laundrie's older sister, Cassie Luycx? Cassie Luycx, 31, has laid low following the disappearance and death of Gabby Petito, who would have been her future sister-in-law, and during the manhunt for her younger brother, 23-year-old Brian Laundrie, who is now a fugitive wanted for alleged debit card fraud and a person of interest in Petito's death.New attention shifted to Luycx on Friday after her family's attorney, Steven Bertolino, revealed that the elder sibling saw Laundrie at a campground on Sept. 6 with their parents, as well as on Sept. 1, when Brian returned home to North Port without Petito.

the American police, looking for Brian Laundrie for nearly 4 weeks, still does not meet him.

  Gabby Petito : Brian Laundrie reste toujours introuvable © North Port / Florida Police / Handout via Reuters / File Photo

Where is Brian Laundrie? This is the question to which the police would finally like to be able to answer. The 23-year-old, missing since September 17, is for the moment not found . The latter is sought in the investigation of the death of his fiancée Gabby Péto, whose body was discovered in the Wyoming on September 19th. The parents of the 22-year-old had reported his disappearance on September 11, without knowing that ten days earlier, his companion had returned home, Florida, with their vehicle, without it. The couple had been traveling through the American national parks .

REVEALED: Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie yearbook photos

  REVEALED: Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie yearbook photos Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie's high school yearbook pictures have been revealed for the first time as friends of the couple said the on and off childhood sweethearts 'always had some drama'Gabby and Brian were students at Bayport-Blue Point High School in Long Island, New York, when they first met. Brian was a junior while Gabby was a sophomore.

When Brian Laundrie's parents also reported the disappearance of their son, they said he had gone to a Florida nature reserve. But this weekend, the police indicated that for the moment found there no trace of the boy, reports local12 . If his parents indicated that he had disappeared on September 17, it was the 13 that he would have done their homes. The police explained that she watched at that time, but she could not do much because he was not charged with nothing. A federal arrest warrant has since been launched to find it.

"If you really like it, you have to make you"

last week, the relatives of Gabby Petito launched a call to the young man on television. Guests in Dr. Phil's show for two days this week, they said, "We want to know the truth," said his mother, Nicole. Gabby's mother-in-law, Tara, added, "If you really like it, you have to go." "You do not make things worse. For us, for you, for your family, you must let us be able to turn this page. Let us move forward and allow us to remember Gabby by all the magnificent memories we have with her. You have to return to you, "from his part declared the father-in-law of that whose death has been described as homicide by the police.

It was also revealed in this show that Brian had organized his return to Florida between August 30 and September 1, after stealing the credit card from his fiancée. The police had already indicated that he had spent $ 1,000 between these two dates, without specifying the source of that amount. "He used his credit card to go home and then flee the police. It will end up showing us what he thought at that time, "commented on the spokesman. The Petito also call for the truth with Brian Laundrie's family. For many, they would protect their son by led to the police. They say do not know where he is neither what happened to Gabby.

Brian Laundrie manhunt: Wyoming restaurant fight is key, FBI behavioral analyst says .
Dr. Ann Wolbert Burgess, who pioneered the FBI's Behavioral Science Unit, says the argument between Brian Laundrie and Gabby Petito that witnesses observed at a Wyoming restaurant on Aug. 27 may be the key to Petito's tragic fate.One of the last times Petito, 22, was seen alive involved an explosive argument between Laundrie, 23, and wait staff at a Jackson Hole restaurant called Merry Piglets, witness Nina Celie Angelo told Fox News Digital in September.

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