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World: allegations against vaccine manufacturer Moderna: The Corona vaccine is difficult in many countries

to Hockenheim: Mercedes-Amg has DTM manufacturer title Safe

 to Hockenheim: Mercedes-Amg has DTM manufacturer title Safe © DTM Mercedes driver Lucas auer at the destination passage in the DTM Sunday run in Hockenheim 2021 already two races before the end in the DTM season 2021 is fixed: Mercedes -AMG can not be displaced from the top spot in the manufacturer's rank . The projection of the star mark on the pursuers Ferrari (336 points) and Audi (325) is simply too big before the DTM final on the Norisring.

Countries with a low average income have received significantly fewer doses of the Moderna vaccine than wealthy nations. This reported the " New York Times ". According to collected data of the software developer Airfinity, only about one million doses of the Corona vaccine spikevax of the manufacturer Moderna was delivered to low-income countries. For comparison: BionTech provided about 8.4 million vaccines, while Johnson & Johnson delivered about 25 million doses into corresponding regions in the world.

In addition, the " New York Times " reported that some countries with a mean average income would have to pay more for the vaccine than the United States. Although governments have completed contracts with Moderna, but so far not yet the agreed quantities have been completed. This should be the case for example in Botswana. Other countries such as Tunisia, however, are not even able to contact the biotech company.

United States: Johnson & Johnson requests permission for a 2nd dose of its Janssen

 United States: Johnson & Johnson requests permission for a 2nd dose of its Janssen vaccine The FDA must meet on October 14 and 15 October to study the demand of the pharmaceutical group © Mark Lennihan / AP / SIPA Janssen vaccine developed by the Johnson & Johnson American laboratory. COVID-19 - The FDA must meet on October 14 and 15 October to study the request of the pharmaceutical group Johnson & Johnson announced this Tuesday to have submitted data to the US Agency for Drugs (FDA) to obtain authorization a reminder in adults.

The Moderna vaccine is currently in demand. Over time, compared to the Biontech and Johnson & Johnson vaccines, the Moderna vaccine seems to provide better protection as Business Insider reported. The evaluation of hospital data in 20 cities suggested that the Moderna vaccine is still 92 percent effective after four months to prevent serious courses and thus hospital stays. In the same period, the effectiveness of the BionTech vaccine comrirnaty decreases to 77 percent, the effectiveness of the Vaccine of Johnson & Johnson named Janssen to 68 percent.

In an press release , Moderna commented on the allegations: "From the beginning it was our goal to protect as many people as possible around the globe. To date, more than 250 million people have been vaccinated worldwide with the Covid 19 vaccine from Moderna. We are well aware that access to vaccines in many parts of the world continues to be a major challenge. For this reason, we continue to focus on the implementation of a comprehensive and permanently developing vaccine strategy. We want to ensure that even low-income countries have access to our vaccine. "The" New York Times ", according to the Biotechnology company, stressed that they produce as many doses as possible. However, their production capacity is limited and the doses produced would be mostly delivered to countries with existing contracts.

Who are the vaccine hesitant and why they are waiting

  Who are the vaccine hesitant and why they are waiting Neti Ajro was struggling for breath and had never experienced so much pain. Yet he was accused of having faked COVID-19 symptoms and of being a paid actor.Neti Ajro, a healthy 44-year-old from Melbourne's north, was struggling for breath in his hospital bed.

Meanwhile, some critics react with incomprehension. Tom Peace, the former head of the US Health Authority Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said the "New York Times", the company behaves as if there was no other order as a gain maximization.

In an

press release

, Moderna explained that access to the vaccine is expanded by the following measures: 1. No enforcement of the patent on its vaccine.

2. An agreement with the

Initiative COVAX

from May 2021. This includes the provision of over 500 million doses to the initiative, which uses a globally equitable distribution of vaccines. 3. Collaboration with governments that also plan to donate the vaccines to Covax.

4. Construction of a state-of-the-art mRNA production plant in Africa - but there is no schedule for this.

5. Expansion of capacities, so that in the coming year, another billion vaccines can be delivered to Low Average Länder countries.

Vaccines in RNA messenger: South Africa and Germany spend the second in the fight against COVID

 Vaccines in RNA messenger: South Africa and Germany spend the second in the fight against COVID © Rodger Bosch The South African Biotechnology AFrigen company provides for the first doses ready for clinical trials of clinical trials. Here one year. To ensure an existent deployment of anti-COVID vaccines, South Africa launches into the development of its own RNA messenger serum (mRNA). Supported by the World Health Organization (WHO), the South African Biotechnology AFrigen company provides for early doses ready for clinical trials within one year.

When viewing the vaccinations of all countries worldwide, a general gradient between wealthy and low-income nations becomes clear. While more than 46 percent of the world's population has received at least one dose of a Covid-19 vaccine, most of these people from countries with a middle to high average income comes. Only 2.5 percent of the already at least once vaccinated coming from low-income countries.

Currently, the United Arab Emirates, Portugal and Singapore have the highest powers. More than 80 percent of the population are vaccinated there. In other countries, including South Sudan, Uganda and Ethiopia, less than one percent of the population are completely vaccinated.

On request from Business Insider, Moderna has not responded until the date of publication of this article.

  Vorwürfe gegen Impfstoffhersteller Moderna: Der Corona-Impfstoff sei in vielen Ländern schwer erhältlich © Provided by Business Insider Germany This article has been translated and edited by Julia button from English. The original read your here


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