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World: «We take the risks for customers»: The start-up zéfir bought your property in seven days

Government accused of turning its back on elderly victims of collapsed housing scheme

  Government accused of turning its back on elderly victims of collapsed housing scheme Retirees Pam and Michael Hellen were devastated to find they would be excluded from a federal government proposal for a long-awaited compensation scheme for victims of companies that go broke. Queensland retirees Pam and Michael Hellen said they were devastated to find out they would not be eligible."You feel powerless. It's something that is completely beyond your control," Mr Hellen said.Ms Hellen added: "The rest of our years are going to be a big struggle, a big struggle.

Rémy Fabre et Louis Lambert, deux jeunes de 25 et 26 ans, ont créé la start-up Zéfir en 2020 grâce au soutien de Xavier Niel. Photo d'illustration. © Mastersenaper / Pixabay Rémy Fabre and Louis Lambert, two young people 25 and 26 years old, have created the start-up Zefir in 2020 thanks to the support of Xavier Niel. Photo Stock Illustration.

The Zefir company, located in the Lille metropolis and the Paris region, proposes to redeem your property. Customers must send a description of their dwelling and they receive a written offer. The sales compromise is signed in record time.

In France, it takes an average of 90 to 100 days to successfully sell its housing . A delay that may seem an eternity. The Zefir start-up promises property owners located in the Lille metropolis and in the Paris region a sale in just seven days. How Rémy Fabre and Louis Lambert, the two co-founders, do they manage this bet?

Energy bills will rise further, warns regulator

  Energy bills will rise further, warns regulator Bills will go up in line with soaring wholesale costs, with prices set to stay volatile, says Ofgem.A price cap limits the impact of rising energy costs for customers, but Ofgem said this would increase.

"Sell good, it's always opaque, complicated and that requires a lot of intermediaries. We never know what time we can sell or at what price ", has summarized Rémy Fabre. "There, we take the risks for customers. He launched his own company with his friend in July 2020. They provide the owners they can get rid of their home by following three stages.

No real estate agents but

algorithms in the first place, sellers must file an online folder. They provide a multitude of information on their home or apartment: the number of M2, descriptions of the parts, the presence or not of an outside. All these data are transmitted to the Zefir team.

No real estate agent works in the company. It is thanks to algorithms, information on recent sales, figures from the government and notaries that the start-up is in capacity to produce a first purchase offer that it submits to the customer. "It's a price range that we send in 24 h" , explains Rémy Fabre.

As US western wildfires ravage property, protection services boom

  As US western wildfires ravage property, protection services boom Firms that provide wildfire risk assessments and home hardening services say demand is rising as wildfires grow fiercer.Back then, the Cedar Fire in San Diego ranked as the largest in Californian history, reaching a total of more than 190,000 hectares (270,000 acres) and killing 15 people.

Visits on site or remote

The seller can then stop the discussions or follow up. If the property is located near Lille ( Nord ) and that it is a house, experts are then moving on site to make a new estimate. If the accommodation is an apartment at Paris or in small crown, everything is done remotely in videoconference. A second offer is then transmitted to the customer he can refuse or accept. For a firm estimate at € 100,000, the owner reaches 94 000 € net seller.

After buying the accommodation and passed from a notary, Zefir in less than 90 days on platforms like the right corner.

No atypical property or to renovate

"We buy goods estimated between 100,000 and 1 million euros. We do not take high end or housings with too much work, too atypical or in low-dense ", accurate Rémy Fabre. The 25-year-old business leader, who has engineer training, explains not to be able to estimate these kinds of homes and apartments. Algorithms would not have enough comparative data to edit an interesting and valid offer. "We could devalue good.

EDF not ready to take on customers from bust firms

  EDF not ready to take on customers from bust firms Firm says it is "big question" whether the energy regulator can force more people on to large suppliers.Two more firms collapsed on Wednesday, but EDF's Philippe Commaret said it was already working on moving customers from failed company Utility Point.

After landing in the Lille metropolis from where they are from, Rémy Fabre and Louis Lambert launched on the Francilian market at the end of August. In a few weeks, they treated 1,500 files and bought for 15 million euros. In Paris, the dwellings acquired on average 741 606 € for 62.7 m2 against 539 495 € for 68.45 m2 in the Hauts-de-Seine, 371 942 € for 65,51 m2 in the Val-de Marne and 306 235 € for 69.54 m2. The typical customer is a couple with children who sells to buy a larger home.

150 Hiring Next year

To succeed this tour de force, the start-up can count on investors like the billionaire businessman Xavier Niel. The latter focused on both Lille and injected four million euros into the company last year.

Rémy Fabre and Louis Lambert wishes to recruit 150 employees in 2022 and develop in other French regions with the hope of weighing 1% of the real estate market by the end of 2023.

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