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World: missile fire by North Korea: UN Security Council Emergency Meeting

Washington is the "deep cause" of tensions with North Korea, according to Kim Jong an

 Washington is the © STR / KCNA via KNS / AFP North Korea - Diplomacy - L Propaganda of the Pyongyang regime is never Avare of whimsical statements according to the will of the North Korean dictator. Unpredictable and dangerous, the leader is never stingy of positions that can raise the tension with the South Korean neighbor or Washington.

La Corée du Nord a procédé à un tir d’essai d’un nouveau missile balistique lancé depuis un sous-marin. © KCNA / VIA Reuters North Korea has made a trial shot of a new ballistic missile launched since a submarine.

Following the test shot of a new ballistic missile launched from a submarine, the military rise of North Korea worries the international community. The UN Security Council meets urgently on Wednesday.

The Security Council of the United Nations will hold a closed emergency meeting on the North which claimed to have met on a ballistic missile shot from a submarine , strongly increasing its military capacities, indicated diplomats.

The session, which will be held in the afternoon, was requested by the United Kingdom and the United States, were the same sources. France subsequently joined London and Washington's request for an emergency meeting, indicated a diplomat.

North Korea: Kim Jong an accuse Washington to be the "deep cause" of the tensions

 North Korea: Kim Jong an accuse Washington to be the © str despite recent calls to the United States dialogue, there is no reason "to believe that they are not Not hostile, "said Kim Jong on a Monday at the opening ceremony of an exhibition dedicated to the Defense in Pyongyang. AFP / STR No warming of relationships in sight. The United States is the "profound cause" of instability in the Korean Peninsula, affirmed the North Korean leader Kim Jong an , cited Tuesday by the official media.

earlier in Tuesday's day, the Chinese ambassador at the UN, Zhang Jun, whose country was often showed in recent years in support of Pyongyang, had refused to respond to journalists questioning it on the shot North Korean.


The Deputy Russian Ambassador at the UN, Dmitry Polyanskiy, had warned against any precipitation. "We have to find more information" on this shot because interpretations about events in North Korea have "always been conflicting", he said. The shooting "can come from anywhere. We only have press information and I do not trust them too much, we need an experienced assessment, "added the Russian diplomat.

Wednesday, North Korea affirmed having launched a ballistic missile from a submarine which, if the information was confirmed, would allow this country with nuclear weapon to have a second strike capacity. distinct from missiles from silos or land vehicles.

Usually present in the first lodges of the North Korean military bases, binoculars in hand, the number one of the country, Kim Jong-one, did not attend the launches.

General warns China has done hundreds of hypersonic missile tests .
John Hyten (right), the nation's second-highest ranking military officer, says the public should be concerned that China has completed hundreds of tests on hypersonic missiles (left),Speaking at a Defense Writers Group roundtable, vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General John Hyten said China’s hypersonic missile advancements is an area of concern.

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