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World: Senate Republicans to soon find out if they've landed a top 2022 recruit

Kyrsten Sinema Isn’t Hitting the Panic Button

  Kyrsten Sinema Isn’t Hitting the Panic Button The senator from Arizona doesn’t seem rattled by progressives’ threats to primary her—and it’s not clear she should be.But Sinema does not seem rattled by any of it—and it’s not clear that she should be. Unseating her would be difficult. She isn’t up for reelection until 2024, so any primary challenge is years away. Voters’ memories are short, and the political landscape will be different by then. Ousting a sitting senator is a dubious project, and even if lefties were to defeat Sinema with one of their own, a more progressive candidate might find it harder to win a general election.

National Republicans have been anticipating for months a decision from GOP Gov. Chris Sununu of New Hampshire on whether he’ll run for the Senate next year.

They won’t have to wait my longer.

Sununu, a popular governor in a key battleground state who was first elected in 2016, said Friday in interviews on two separate morning talk radio programs in the Granite State that he’ll have an announcement on his political future "in the next few weeks."


The governor is deciding whether to run for the Senate by launching a GOP challenge against Democratic Sen. Maggie Hassan, run for reelection to a fourth two-year term steering the Granite State, or not run for anything in 2022 and return to the private sector.

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With the GOP needing a net gain of just one seat in the 2022 midterms to regain the majority it lost in last cycle's contests, the looming Senate battle in New Hampshire could ultimately decide whether the Democrats or the Republicans control the chamber come 2023.

National Republicans view Hassan, a first-term senator and Sununu's predecessor as New Hampshire governor, as very vulnerable heading into next year’s midterms. And they see Sununu, whose poll numbers are flagging but still remain very high among Republicans and in positive territory among independents, and who's carefully navigated his relationship with former President Trump the past six years, as their key to flipping a crucial blue seat red.


2024 Watch: Biden support among Democrats in first presidential primary state drops

  2024 Watch: Biden support among Democrats in first presidential primary state drops This weekly column on the next race for the White House usually zeroes in on the burgeoning contest for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination. But a poll released in recent days that spotlighted President Biden’s flagging support should he run for reelection in 2024 in New Hampshire, the state that for a century’s held the first primary in the presidential nominating calendar, piqued our interest.

A D.C.-based GOP strategist told Fox News that landing Sununu as a Senate candidate would be "a game changer. It just completely changes the dynamics of the map."

Sununu told host Chris Ryan on "New Hampshire Today" that "I have been thinking a lot more about it." And he said an announcement on his decision would come "I think in the next few weeks."

Sununu repeated the timetable in an interview with host Jack Heath on "Good Morning NH," saying "my hope is to have a decision more public in the next few weeks."

And in both interviews he said he’s "definitely been leaning one way to be sure."

The governor noted "my family is very much on board with whatever I want to do. They’re very supportive."

But he added that "I still have a few more people I want to talk to and get some other folks' advice." He said among those from whom he’s still seeking advice are his father, former three-term Gov. John H. Sununu (who also served as chief of staff in President George H.W. Bush’s administration) and one of his older brothers, John E. Sununu, a former congressman who served one term in the U.S. Senate.

Matt Gorman: Virginia governor's race hangs on these three issues

  Matt Gorman: Virginia governor's race hangs on these three issues It’s hard to believe it’s almost been a year since the 2020 presidential election. And in just a few short weeks, the focus will already turn to the 2022 midterms, where President Joe Biden’s agenda will hang in the balance. History is not on the Democrats’ side next year though. In past midterm elections, the president’s party lost an average of 26 House seats and 4 Senate seats respectively. MCAULIFFE SUPPORTERS SHORT ON SUBSTANCE WHEN ASKED WHY THEY PLAN TO VOTE FOR DEM CANDIDATE Republicans are favored to continue that trend and overcome a slim Democratic majority to take back the House.


The lobbying effort by national Republicans this year has included phone calls from Senate GOP Leader Sen. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky and other prominent Republicans. Trump, who nine months removed from the White House remains very popular with Republicans as he continues to play a kingmaker’s role in GOP politics and repeatedly flirts with another presidential run in 2024, said earlier this year that he'd "like to see" Sununu challenge Hassan.

Sen. Rick Scott of Florida, chair of the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC), the Senate GOP’s reelection arm, told Fox News after meeting privately with Sununu during a stop in New Hampshire in August that "Chris is a doer, and I think he'd be a great senator. I know he’d win the race."

"I hope he runs for the Senate, and I’m going to do my best to get him there," Scott emphasized.

A Hassan-Sununu faceoff would be one of the most competitive, crucial and expensive Senate showdowns in next year’s midterms. Hassan’s building a formidable war chest and has already spent heavily to go up with TV and digital ads in New Hampshire. The other three Democrats the GOP views as vulnerable are Sens. Raphael Warnock of Georgia, Mark Kelly of Arizona and Catherine Cortez Masto of Nevada.

Dems Have to Choose on Gerrymandering: the High Road or More Seats

  Dems Have to Choose on Gerrymandering: the High Road or More Seats As states begin to cement their congressional maps for the next decade, Democrats have a choice. They can take the high road, operate as if their gerrymandering reforms had passed Congress, and try to draw fair lines that would accurately represent a state’s political composition. Or, with Republicans aiming to draw the most aggressively GOP-favorable maps possible in order to take back the House of Representatives, Democrats can play the same game.


"It’s critical that Republicans have a strong candidate who could defeat Hassan and the governor would certainly fit that bill," veteran Republican consultant Brian Walsh told Fox News.

"This seat is ripe for a Republican takeover with the right candidate," Walsh, who served as a top NRCC official during the 2010 and 2012 cycles, predicted. "The governor has a demonstrated record of winning state wide."

A University of New Hampshire survey conducted Oct. 14-18 and released this week indicated Sununu at 45% and Hassan at 42% among likely 2022 general election voters in the Granite State. It’s the latest survey this year to indicate Sununu holding a very slight edge over Hassan in a potential showdown next year.

Republicans have been spotlighting another number in the poll, which indicates Hassan with a 33% favorable and 51% unfavorable rating. And Democrats are highlighting that Sununu’s poll numbers, which skyrocketed during the coronavirus pandemic, are coming back to earth. He stands at 41%-36% favorable/unfavorable in the new poll, and his approval rating as governor – while still positive – is down to 54%. Sununu’s disapproval up to 40%, the highest during his tenure as governor.

In his radio interviews, Sununu sounded like he was already running against Hassan, saying, "I think she has the worst favorability numbers of any incumbent senator in the country."

And he charged that "Maggie Hassan should actually wake up and realize you’ve gotta do your job. You gotta deliver results for people to support you in the position."

While Sununu’s nearing a decision, there is already a Republican candidate in the 2022 race.

Retired Gen. Don Bolduc, who unsuccessfully bid for the Senate GOP nomination in 2020, has been running all year. The new UNH poll suggests Bolduc trails Hassan by just five points in a hypothetical general election match up, his best performance against the Democratic incumbent to date.

The Never-Trump Case for Ron DeSantis .
The Florida governor is flawed, but within normal parameters. The former president poses a unique threat.Were the GOP base less easily duped, it would move on, as when George H. W. Bush, John McCain, and Mitt Romney lost White House bids. As president, Trump failed to build his border wall or bring home the troops. No 75-year-old candidate who lost the popular vote to general-election opponents as weak as Hillary Clinton and Biden portends future glory for his party. And Trump energizes intense opposition like no one else, uniting otherwise divided Democrats while alienating a faction of conservatives and independents who normally vote Republican.

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