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World: How a Clinton Associate Bankrolled the Anti-Vax Underground

Anti-vax lawyer crowdfunds challenge to his suspension for crowdfunding

  Anti-vax lawyer crowdfunds challenge to his suspension for crowdfunding Lawyer Nathan Buckley, who has crowdfunded close to $1 million dollars to bankroll his legal challenges, received more than $10,000 overnight in a new campaign.The Council of the Law Society New South Wales has moved to suspend the practising certificate of G&B Lawyers partner Nathan Buckley until the end of June 2022, according to part of a letter published to the firm’s social media accounts. The Law Society of New South Wales declined to comment on individual proceedings.

For more than a decade, New Jersey businessman Barry Segal has lived a double life as a philanthropist, underwriting public health in sub-Saharan Africa even as he has undermined it in the United States.

In recent years, largesse from the building supply and real estate magnate, who retired from his company Bradco in 2008, has run on two parallel tracks. Via the Segal Family Foundation, he has poured his fortune into hundreds of organizations providing medical care and social support to women and children in Africa, as well as into groups developing infrastructure, education, economic opportunities, and clean drinking water.

Unhealthy scepticism

  Unhealthy scepticism Good morning, early birds. Victoria's AMA has said COVID-deniers and anti-vaxxers should opt out from the public health system if they are infected, and Australia has come last in our climate pledges and performance compared to 30 of our fellow developed nations. It's the news you need to know, with Emma Elsworthy.Meanwhile in Queensland, police are trying to understand how infected Gold Coast resident Duran Raman travelled to Sydney and Melbourne during the peak of each city’s outbreak before heading home, the Brisbane Times says. It is not clear when Duran, who is 34 and played for Broadbeach’s AFL team, contracted COVID on his interstate jaunt.

Closer to home, he has also supported the U.S. Tennis Association Foundation and a host of autism-related organizations in the United States, and is active in the Patriotic Millionaires—a group of wealthy Americans in favor of wealth redistribution. His social media accounts are rife with posts denouncing racism and embracing such left-wing causes as the abolition of the electoral college. In cooperation with charities founded by luminaries like rapper Big Sean and songwriter Paul Simon, Segal has also backed programs for children in Flint, Michigan, and Newark, New Jersey.

But his most bold-faced charitable partner has doubtless been former President Bill Clinton, with whom he has worked since 2006, and whom he has called “the man who really put Africa on the map for me.” In the years since, the Clinton Foundation’s own records show that Segal has given millions to its initiatives, earning him repeated appearances on lists of its largest contributors. Clinton keynoted the Segal Family Foundation’s annual gathering in 2013, and photos of Segal and his wife with the Clintons adorn the entrepreneur’s webpages, the most recent from late 2019, right before the coronavirus pandemic.

The Green New Deal Activists Spreading Deadly Vaccine Lies

  The Green New Deal Activists Spreading Deadly Vaccine Lies It’s pushed conspiracy theories about everything from 9/11 to “the Great Reset,” a right-wing myth that pandemic lockdowns are a prelude to biomedical totalitarianism. And it has a record of targeting vulnerable communities with vaccine disinformation—despite an ongoing pandemic killing about 1,500 Americans every day. And yet the Organic Consumers Association (OCA), a nonprofit based in Finland, Minnesota, is no right-wing operation. In fact, it’s somehow found a place for itself in progressive political circles.

Segal has publicly credited Clinton with inspiring the creation of his own family foundation, but also that of another charitable group he runs and funds, one that has become increasingly dedicated to the spread of dangerous myths about vaccines. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the disinformation infrastructure Segal helped build has dumped ever more toxic falsehoods into the public discourse.

Segal launched Focus Autism in 2009. Interested in alternative treatments for autism from the start, it began plowing money into groups promoting the debunked myth of a link between inoculations and the neurological condition in 2011, when disclosures to the Internal Revenue Service show its annual donations to such organizations totaled $178,500. In 2019, the most recent year for which filings are available, that figure was $765,873.

Why Novak Djokovic is just the beginning of Australia’s clash with anti-vaxxers

  Why Novak Djokovic is just the beginning of Australia’s clash with anti-vaxxers Will Australia's hard line on vaccines threaten future sporting and cultural events? And if so, is it worth it?Djokovic’s vaccine status is technically unknown, but his refusal to reveal it, paired with his anti-vax comments and unconventional approach to health, has led many to assume he is not vaccinated. Perhaps he is vaccinated and is having a laugh. But that’s not the point. The Djokovic situation raises a bigger dilemma about Australia reopening to the world.

"They’re one of several deep pockets that the anti-vaccine movement uses,” said Professor Dorit Reiss of the University of California Hastings, a public health expert and activist, adding that the cause has become increasingly dependent on sugar daddies as it has lost access to crowdfunding services. “They are using this money to good effect. They need the money. They depend on the money. Especially as they are de-platformed, they are dependent on the money to reach people.”

Reiss contrasted Segal’s role in the movement with that of one of his biggest beneficiaries, infamous anti-vaxxer Robert F. Kennedy Jr., whose group Children’s Health Defense received $145,120 from Segal’s group in 2019, according to public records—and thanked it for bankrolling three billboards on Times Square the previous year.

“When RFK goes to an event and speaks, everybody claps and he is adulated. Barry Segal was never one of those,” said Reiss. “Segal has kind of been in the margins with the activism, but he has a big role because of the money.”

Reached for comment, Segal would say little other than that those who would call him a major funder of the anti-vaccine movement “don’t know what the fuck they are talking about.” He also alluded to his extensive contributions to mainstream charities, which indeed dwarf his gifts to disinformation spreaders.

Coupon Book Spread Conspiracies—and Sparked Furious Backlash

  Coupon Book Spread Conspiracies—and Sparked Furious Backlash At a glance, this fall’s editions of $aver Magazine, a coupon book mailed to thousands of homes in the greater Charleston, South Carolina, area every few months, looked as innocuous as ever. But people who read the mailer in recent days noticed something new and disturbing amidst its usual barrage of hokey design and special offers. Instead of ads, one random page sported a banner reading Our American Republic, a disclaimer (“The following are only my opinions. You decide and research for truth yourself.”), and a wall of typo-riddled text promoting a mélange of near-incoherent, wild conspiracy theories, many focused on the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

In public posts, Segal has insisted that he is not “anti-vaccine,” but only supportive of further research, distributed dosages, and parental consent. In his correspondence with The Daily Beast, he declined to comment on his relationship with the former president except to assert that Clinton was paid for his appearance. (A spokesperson for the Clinton Foundation did not deny this.)

But Segal’s history with the anti-vaccine movement belies any claim of simple skepticism, and makes it hard to believe Clinton might have been unaware of his views while accepting his money.

In 2014, Focus Autism—since rechristened Focus for Health—financed a widely publicized, and swiftly retracted, study linking vaccination to the development of autism in young Black boys. The scientist behind the study was the chemical engineer Brian Hooker, who for years served as a board member and adviser to the Segal organization. Hooker is also a close associate of Robert Kennedy, also sitting on the board of Children’s Health Defense and co-authoring a book with the Kennedy scion. Hooker also appeared prominently in the controversial and discredited documentary Vaxxed: from Cover-Up to Catastrophe.

Hooker did not respond to requests for comment.

Another Focus for Health ex-board member is Robert Krakow, an attorney specializing in “vaccine injury” lawsuits who famously collaborated with Kennedy to try and block an emergency vaccination order in New York City amid a measles outbreak in 2019. Krakow only responded to The Daily Beast to state he was no longer affiliated with Focus for Health, and to deny the group had any role in his litigation, despite public disclosures showing it paid his firm $81,266 in 2019.

The Anti-abortion Movement Will Win Even If It Loses

  The Anti-abortion Movement Will Win Even If It Loses The Supreme Court seemed skeptical of Texas’s new law, but that doesn’t mean Roe will stand.The Court doesn’t seem sold on S.B. 8 anymore. Yesterday morning, the Court heard oral arguments in two challenges to the law, one brought by abortion providers and a second by the Justice Department. Two major questions guided the justices’ questioning: whether the federal government can challenge the constitutionality of S.B. 8 and whether Texas can “effectively ban” what is still a constitutional right by outsourcing enforcement to private citizens.

In 2015, Segal was named Humanitarian of the Year at the annual AutismOne conference, formerly sponsored by anti-vax actress Jenny McCarthy and notorious as a forum for discussing such so-called autism treatments as feeding children bleach.

Focus for Health has also pumped hundreds of thousands of dollars into the National Vaccine Information Center, which experts have described as the “most powerful anti-vaccine organization in America.” And Segal personally penned a foreword to a 2016 book by Kent Heckenlively, the self-styled “world’s number one anti-vaxxer,” whose activities are so extreme he was banned from entering Australia.

Outlets from Insider to CNN have noted Segal’s role in financing the anti-vaccine movement. And by his own account, in 2017, Segal obtained meetings with both Bill Clinton and with Chelsea Clinton in which he directly presented his anti-vaccine views.

In his blog post on the Focus for Health website, Segal claimed that the Clinton Foundation had been “uncomfortable taking the money through the Focus for Health Foundation because of our stance on vaccine safety.” He added that he used his meeting with the ex-president to request a conference with Chelsea Clinton, the former first daughter and current vice chair of the Clinton Foundation.

In a letter apparently sent to the elder Clinton embedded in the post, Segal noted he and Chelsea could not come to an agreement on vaccines.

“I’d like to keep the door open to discuss this issue further,” Segal concluded in the missive. “It’s important that you be aware what the ‘other side’ is thinking.”

Vax the nation

  Vax the nation Good morning, early birds. Australia is reportedly just days away from having 80% of our over-16 population double vaccinated, and analysis suggests that all net zero pledges to date plus the global methane pledge could see global warming limited to 1.8C. It's the news you need to know, with Emma Elsworthy.To mark the target, the border between NSW and Victoria has come down, allowing folks passage between the two states. Guardian Australia reports there’ll be no testing or quarantine required, though a permit from Service Victoria is still in play. NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet and Victorian Premier Dan Andrews released a joint statement saying it’s all part of “normalising living with the virus”.

The post also includes an image of a $100,000 check from the Segal Family Foundation made out to the Clinton organization. The two charities appear to have maintained their relationship through 2019, or at least right up until the emergence of the coronavirus pandemic.

Woman killed in cliff fall north of Sydney

  Woman killed in cliff fall north of Sydney A woman has died after falling from a cliff north of Sydney. Anti-vax protesters turn out in Sydney's west The accident happened in Berowra Heights, near Hornsby, with the woman falling around 10m while abseiling down a cliff.Three other climbers have also been rescued from a ledge.READ MORE: Twin girls killed in NSW house fire © Nine Cliff fall accident in Berowra, northern Sydney. Video: Man rescued after falling 20 metres down cliff (

When reached for comment, a spokesperson for the Clinton Foundation did not deny these meetings occurred, nor dispute details of the former president’s relationship with Segal. Instead, they simply noted that the organization has invested millions—including Segal’s own money—into supporting vaccination efforts across the planet.

“Donations to the Clinton Foundation support our efforts that are grounded in science and data—and the science and data are clear on vaccines,” a spokesperson for the group wrote in a statement for The Daily Beast.

Segal did not answer questions about whether he continued financing anti-vax groups in 2020 and 2021 as a deadly pandemic emerged worldwide. Focus for Health has remained largely silent during the COVID-19 pandemic—though it did warn last winter against “rushing” a vaccine. But Callum Hood, director of research for the Center for Countering Digital Hate, noted this is in keeping with the organization’s generally low profile.

Hood highlighted that the organizations Segal has bankrolled, as opposed to him personally, have been anything but discreet amid the pandemic. In a widely covered report titled The Disinformation Dozen, the Center’s team identified Kennedy and the National Vaccine Information Center as some of the top online disseminators of lies and misrepresentations about the novel coronavirus and life-saving vaccines.

Another repeated recipient of Focus for Health Funds, the National Health Freedom Coalition, has sought to ban masks in multiple states. Hooker’s research that Segal’s group funded even found its way into a viral video Kennedy has promoted to try to dissuade Black Americans from getting the COVID-19 jab.

It’s all part of a massive pivot Hood said the anti-vaxxer movement has made with the onset of the pandemic: switching from targeting anxious parents and the families of autistic children to the general population.

“The influence of these organizations should be beyond doubt,” he told The Daily Beast. “The fact that there’s well-funded, pretty professional organizations working on that is really significant. And I’m sure it’s had a big, big impact on vaccine hesitancy as a result.”

Read more at The Daily Beast.

Woman killed in cliff fall north of Sydney .
A woman has died after falling from a cliff north of Sydney. Anti-vax protesters turn out in Sydney's west The accident happened in Berowra Heights, near Hornsby, with the woman falling around 10m while abseiling down a cliff.Three other climbers have also been rescued from a ledge.READ MORE: Twin girls killed in NSW house fire © Nine Cliff fall accident in Berowra, northern Sydney. Video: Man rescued after falling 20 metres down cliff (

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