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World: How long is olive oil durable?

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How long is olive oil durable? For many people, it's the clear number one when it comes to roast. But how long can you keep olive oil?

Olivenöl © Duellezidar / iStock Olive Oil

It's not like olive oil no competitor if it comes to land in our frying pans: rapeseed oil, sunflower oil, peanut oil, sesame oil, avocado oil, coconut, ghee and the good old butter shelf are exactly so available.

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native olive oil, however, protrudes from this amount of alternatives and is the darling of many hobby chefs. For example, you can roast excellently vegetables and fish.

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Why does olive oil suits best?

Not every oil is equally good for every dish. It depends on how strong the pan content must be heated. If you take an oil with rather low smoke, the fat goes into smoke, which is definitely harmful to harm and under any circumstances should be inhaled. That's why it's good to know when to grab the olive oil. Roughly, the individual temperature stages can be assigned to the following oils.

Unheated: pumpkin seed oil, linseed oil, walnut oil (as dressing for salads and other cold dishes)

160 to 180 degrees: Native olive oil Extra, cold-pressed olive oil, butter (for meat, fish and vegetables)

180 to 230 degrees: Butter / Ghee, coco fat, rapeseed oil, palm kernel fat, high-oleic oils (for fried potatoes, schnitzel, steak, chop and frying)

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How long is olive oil durable?

As with so many other life and enjoyants, the question of durability depends heavily on the storage of the product. And who would have thought: It's almost the standard conditions that can prolong storage partly significantly. Olive oil should be sealed


are stored at low room temperature (between 10 and 20 degrees)

. Find these points attention, olive oil is basically durable for a few years. Most manufacturers equip their product with a financial date that is 24 months. This is just a guideline. In case of correct storage, olive oil can most likely be used after three years.

olive oil can also be stored in the fridge, but it starts flakes when it is too cold. It also needs some time to reach its full aroma again.

is an oil tilted, it usually smells rancig and there are deposits on the bottle floor, which after a short shake as a floating particle dancing through the bottle and clearly point out that you should not use that oil.

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