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World: strong: "We know what is on the game"

Loose Pass: First impressions, a goodbye and a tragedy

  Loose Pass: First impressions, a goodbye and a tragedy Loose Pass is here to delve into the major talking points in the sport.It was quite an international weekend. Two years out from the Rugby World Cup in France, it should be set to be the November window in which teams – and coaches – begin the process of gambling their hand heading into the global showpiece. Certainly this weekend felt indicative.

He will lead Hertha BSC at Derby on Saturday night as a captain on the field. Before the game at the 1st FC Union, Niklas prophesious: "It will be a horny derby."

Vor dem Derby im Gespräch: Niklas Stark. © imago images / metodi popow in front of the derby in conversation: Niklas strong.

Hertha captain relies on compactness and fight

A brand speech for the cabin Niklas has not yet been up to date. Extra motivation is not necessary before the fifth Bundesliga derby against the rivals from Köpenick, who has been uninterrupted for more than a year in the table before the club from the west of the city. 0: 1 Unterlag Hertha in November 2019 at the Bundesliga first edition of Derbies in November 2019 at the then Newcomer Union - A short time later, Ante Covic was going on his job as Hertha coach. In the three lots since then the blue-white remained unbeaten (4: 0, 3: 1, 1: 1) - and want to expand this series on Saturday night. The two-time international strong will then bear the play guide bonds for the red-locked Dedryck Boyata. On Wednesday, the former Nuremberg vanished in a media round ...

Squid Game (Netflix): The Creator unveils the alternative end that would have had to have the

 Squid Game (Netflix): The Creator unveils the alternative end that would have had to have the series © Netflix Squid Game (Netflix): the creator reveals the alternative end that should have had the series while the speculation goes Good train on Squid Game season 2, Netflix South Korean phenomenon series, the Creator has just revealed that the first season almost had a very different end. But beware of spoilers if you did not finish the series. Phenomenon unreasonably landed on Netflix in September 2021, the Squid Game survival series has since conquered the whole world.

... The atmosphere in front of Derby: "The mood with us is good. Many were on country tour, come back now and have a derby in front of the chest. is not easy, but we get that in any case. We know how important the game is for our fans and also for us - also because of the points when looking at the table. That's why we go with 100 percent through the whole Week and on Saturday. "

"Then we'll get dots." (Strong)

... The things that Hertha has to retrieve: "We have already shown the last games a very good compactness. It is important to hold on. We have to go through our game and our strengths play. Then we will get there points. "

... The topic Security after the riots at Derby 2019: "This is a topic that you have to look, even if it is not our topic. We players are completely focused on our game. If we have a percent, is Not our game. What will happen there, you do not know in advance. We can not distract ourselves. "

Squid Game Season 2: a disappointing sequence? The creator is afraid of fans

 Squid Game Season 2: a disappointing sequence? The creator is afraid of fans theories officially, Squid Game has not yet been renewed for a season 2 by Netflix. In fact, it is useless to seek the date of release of the new episodes since it is unknown. On the other hand, Hwang Dong-Hyek (the Creator) does not hide it, he already reflects after the series. And he confessed, he is now afraid to disappoint the fans, the fault to the many theories.

... the starting position: "It can be a scarce, fight-intensive game because both teams produce - not just because of Derby. Both teams come about the compactness and the fight. That's why it's a horny derby on which you can look forward to "

"There is no extra motivation necessary." (Strong)

... Motivation: "Everyone who has heard a little bit about it knows how important this game is. There is no extra motivation needed. We know what is on the game. "

... Herthas is state: "In the beginning we did not have the construct we have found a bit now. It is a bit hard to classify where we stand. At the moment we put a good compactness of the day. Everyone knows What he has to do. Everyone shows a good mileage, a good duplication rate. At the moment we are on a good way. This is important to continue. "

... the increase in the defensive behavior: "Some simply needs time. New players have been added. You have to adjust to each other, the distances must fit again, the automatisms must be adjusted. That's time, that's what we have said before, is difficult to believe because it is often told - but it's just like that. Now we have found a bit as I think. It feels better on the square. And if you have a better feeling, come too A few points more out. You grow up now a bit together. It is important to continue working and consolidating that because something arises. "

... the stadium full utilization in the derby despite rising incidence figures: "to have a full stadium and the mood, that's horny. Over there will be something over there, but of course you have in mind that the numbers are again rapidly go up. There is also a bit funny. But it is not our decision as to whether the stadium is full or empty. We have to focus on our job. "

... its contract and the open future in the summer: "We are in the derby week and in an important seasonal phase. There is no idea somewhere else. Therefore, there is nothing to say. Now is full of focus on Derby And the games after that - and then you will see how the talks are running. "

Opinion: Slow starts, misfiring attack cost Springboks .
Rugby writer Jon Cardinelli stresses that South Africa must improve their first-half performances after sluggish starts in the Test arena in the last year.Since the Boks won the 2019 Rugby World Cup, fans and pundits have waxed lyrical about the ‘Bomb Squad’, South Africa’s world-class bench that has the ability to destroy opponents in the latter stages of a Test match.

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