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World: migrants at Belarusian-Polish border: Lukashenko calls for inclusion of refugees in EU

Rights groups decry Poland’s ban on media at Belarus border

  Rights groups decry Poland’s ban on media at Belarus border Poland denies journalists access to border with Belarus as thousands of people remain stranded amid a geopolitical row.For two months now, no media professionals have been able to access the Polish side of the border. As media attention intensified this week on the escalating geopolitical dispute, journalists were still unable to approach the Polish border fences.

The situation of migrants in Berlaus remains uncertain. Poland reports a tried border crossing through 150 refugees. This can not be checked.

Flüchtlinge an der belarussich-polnischen Grenze. (Archivbild, 21.11.2021) © Photo: Sergei Bobylev / Imago Images / ITAR-TASS refugees on the Belarussich-Polish border. (Archive image, 21.11.2021)

in the crisis for thousands of refugees in Belarus, who want the Polish border into the European Union, rulers Alexander Lukashenko relies on a livelihood of Europe. "I am waiting for the EU's answer to the question of the 2,000 refugees," he said on Monday in the capital Minsk at a meeting with the Governor of Grodno, the region bordering to Poland.

He asked the EU and in particular Germany to "remove us". Lukashenko had phoned the managing Chancellor Angela Merkel two times over the past week.

The Manufactured Migrant Crisis on Europe’s Doorstep

  The Manufactured Migrant Crisis on Europe’s Doorstep Belarus’s dictator is exploiting asylum seekers to destabilize the EU. And he’s not the only one profiting politically from their misfortune.Around the boy, sitting in a circle, are his parents, uncles, and cousins, all from the same village near Dohuk, in Iraqi Kurdistan. There are 16 of them, among them seven children, including a four-month-old infant and an elderly woman who can scarcely walk. They don’t speak Polish, or English. One of the boy’s relatives, a man named Anwar, speaks Arabic. Through a translator, Anwar says that the family has been in this forest, moving back and forth between Poland and Belarus, for two weeks.

Then he claimed, the CDU politician wanted to use for a "humanitarian corridor" for 2,000 migrants, especially to Germany. The report on such agreement with Belarus was wrong, Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) had said.

"You want to go to Germany - and we will try to help you on every conceivable way," said Lukashenko of a message to his authority. Last Thursday, hundreds of people with a special flight were already flown back to Iraq. According to the ruler, his country prepares another such flight for migrants in their home. According to former information Lukashenko, there are allegedly 7,000 migrants in Belarus.

A group of around 150 migrants has tried in vain for the Polish border guard to overcome Belarus from the boundary barriers and to reach the EU . The incident occurred at night near the village of Dubicze Cerkiewne, the authority announced on Monday on Twitter.

How We Fell Into a Dictator’s Twisted Trap

  How We Fell Into a Dictator’s Twisted Trap WARSAW—The satellite view of the Polish-Belarusian frontier shows a dense forest belt. What is otherwise a spectacularly beautiful borderland and a popular outing spot for respite and wildlife watching is now stage to yet another spectacle of demonizing and securitizing migration. According to Polish authorities, some 4,500 mostly Iraqis and Syrians have tried to illegally cross the border from Belarus since the beginning of this month. Real numbers may be even higher. Fewer migrants, although still counted in the thousands, have crossed to Lithuania and Latvia.

Video: Hundreds of refugees on Belarusian-Polish border (AFP)

"The attack on the Polish border was supervised by the Belarusian security forces." Since Poland does not allow journalists into the area, the information can not be checked.

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The European Union accuses the Belarusian ruler Alexander Lukashenko, in organized form migrants from crisis regions to the EU Outside boundary to exert pressure on the West. The people of Iraq, from Syria and Afghanistan have been entitled to tourist visa in Belarus.

Poland President Andrzej Duda said the magazine "Sieci", Lukashenko might judge his action on Poland, "because we defend the border hard, and the regime in Minsk lies something to show a physical examination of the West".

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Why Belarus is using migrants as a political weapon

  Why Belarus is using migrants as a political weapon The European Union says migrants at the Belarus-Poland border are part of a “hybrid attack.”The influx of migrants, which EU officials say Lukashenko has deliberately provoked as a “hybrid attack” on the EU, comes at a difficult moment for the EU as the bloc struggles with internal tensions of its own, but has so far resulted in an increasingly unified EU response.

in Belarus ran on an emergency accommodation in Brusgi on the border with Poland in the morning the supply of migrants again. Pictures of the State Agency Belta showed how soldiers distributed hot tea, biscuits, yogurt and quark.

Estimated 2000 people use the warehouse as a provisional sleeping site . It is unclear how it continues permanently with the migrants. Currently, experts in the World Health Organization WHO in Belarus. They wanted to clarify how the WHO could help in the crisis. According to authorities, around 100 migrants have already been brought into hospitals, including people with pneumonia. Great is the concern in front of an Corona outbreak in the emergency accommodation. (dpa)

‘Go through, go,’ Lukashenko tells asylum seekers near EU border .
Belarusian leader makes first public appearance near the chaotic border since crisis broke out.Addressing a group on Friday, his first public appearance at the border since the start of the crisis, Lukashenko met asylum seekers and refugees at a warehouse turned into a shelter and told them they were free to head west or go home as they chose.

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