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World: The ICC calls for financial assistance from the United Nations to conduct its Libya and Darfur

Libya: The strong man of the East Haftar is candidate to the presidential election

 Libya: The strong man of the East Haftar is candidate to the presidential election © Libya Alhadath TV / AFP The east-east man of the east of the Libya Khalifa haftar went on Tuesday candidate The December presidential election, two days after a son of Muammar Gaddafi , their detractors denouncing authoritarian inclinations that risk torpedoing the passage of the country to democracy.

Karim Ahmed Khan, procureur de la Cour pénale internationale, le 12 août 2021. © (AP Photo / Marwan Ali, File) Karim Ahmed Khan, Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, August 12, 2021 .

The Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court presented on Tuesday, November 23, a new progress report concerning his investigation into Libya. In the United Nations Security Council in New York, Karim Khan called for the cooperation of the Member States of the Organization.

with our correspondent in The Hague, Stéphanie Maupas

The Prosecutor launched "a call" to the Security Council to finance his investigations into Darfur and Libya. Unlike other ICC files, it is the UN who in these two cases had seized the Court in 2005 and 2011. But so far, the organization has never agreed to get the hand to the portfolio.

Pakistan, USA to host major ICC events

  Pakistan, USA to host major ICC events Pakistan will host the 2025 Champions Trophy, while USA will co-host the 2024 T20 World Cup with West Indies.The news came as the ICC revealed eight men's global white-ball events between 2024 and 2031, with two 50-over World Cups, two Champions Trophy competitions and four T20 World Cups.

In function for only six months, Karim Khan did not make any concrete announcement. For ten years, the Court has been investigating in all directions, without any really no longer succeeds. None of the mandates of arrest, including that aimed at Saïf al-Islam Gaddafi, candidate for the December presidential election, has never been executed.

But the prosecutor does not only involve the repression of 2011. He was very expected on the crimes committed against migrants imprisoned in Libya. A few hours before his report, three NGOs whose FIDH denounced the crimes against humanity committed by Libyans against migrants. The three organizations also denounced, but cautiously, the migratory policy of the European Union.

In New York, the representative of Libya asked the Prosecutor not to target the only Libyans on the migratory issue. "We all know that trafficking and trafficking in human beings are transnational crimes," he said.

Fewer Libya arms embargo breaches but foreign fighters remain: UN panel .
Fewer violations of the arms embargo on Libya have occurred this year as compared with 2020, but the "continuing presence" of foreign fighters is "still a serious threat," UN experts said in a confidential report. Nonetheless, while the "intense pace of delivery" of banned weapons has abated, "the arms embargo remains totally ineffective," the experts tasked with monitoring the embargo said in an interim confidential report recently given to the Security Council and seen Tuesday by AFP. For the study, which covers January to November 2021, the experts traveled twice to the north African country, in April and again in September.

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