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World: Washington and the IAEA deplore the impasse with Tehran before Iranian nuclear power talks

Nuclear: Iran has significantly increased its highly enriched uranium stocks, announces the IAEA

 Nuclear: Iran has significantly increased its highly enriched uranium stocks, announces the IAEA according to estimates, Tehran has increased 60% high uranium stock, well beyond the authorized limit of 3.67%, at 17.7 kg. © provided by FranceInfo a violation of the commitments made under the 2015 International Agreement. Iran has significantly increased in recent months the amount of highly enriched uranium produced, according to a report of the International Agency of the International Agency Atomic energy (IAEA) published Wednesday, November 17th.

Le directeur de l'AIEA, Rafael Grossi, est revenu d'une visite en Iran sur un constat d'échec. © AP / Russian Foreign Ministry Press Service The director of the IAEA, Rafael Grosse, returned from a visit to Iran on a observation of failure.

This Wednesday, November 24, the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) returned from a visit to Tehran on a failure. He could not agree with Iranian leaders on a crucial point: international monitoring of the Nuclear progress of the Islamic Republic.

"We are approaching the point where I can no longer guarantee the continuity of knowledge" on the Iranian nuclear program, lamented Rafael Grosse in opening a board of IAEA governors in Vienna.

Back from Tehran, the boss of the UN agency has certainly talked about "constructive discussions with Iranian officials, but without any results". Iran continues to restrict access to nuclear sites that the IAEA must monitor, in accordance with the 2015 nuclear agreement. This monitoring is done with the help of Cameras that Iran has disconnected or by inspectors The international agency. But some of them have been subjected to "excessively intrusive excavations", according to the IAEA

The nuclear nuclear is needed in the presidential campaign

 The nuclear nuclear is needed in the presidential campaign while the right and far-right candidates defend without hesitation the construction of new reactors, those on the left are more divided on the part to be granted to this energy in the ecological transition . © Provided by the world The President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, during the presentation of the France 2030 investment plan, at the Palais de l'Elysee, in Paris, on October 12, 2021.

many areas of shadow

other black point: four sites have not been officially declared, while nuclear materials have been detected. These areas of shadows are added to other Findings of the IAEA: Iran accumulates uranium enriched to a degree of concentration and in quantities that are constantly moving away from the limits of a civilian nuclear program . So many burning subjects for negotiators who will meet in Vienna next Monday 29 November after five months of suspension.

The US emissory Robert Malley warned that the United States will not remain "arms crossed" if Iran does not negotiate in good faith to save the agreement on its nuclear program and continues to develop. The United States of Donald Trump turned the back in 2018 at this historical compromise. Since then, Iran has crossed many red lines, especially on the enrichment of uranium.

What role can nuclear energy play in Africa’s climate transition?

  What role can nuclear energy play in Africa’s climate transition? African states should not be denied the opportunity to use nuclear energy, but it should be a solution of last resort.As a nuclear policy analyst, I found COP26 remarkably interesting in many ways. Thanks to the relentless activism of nuclear disarmament organisations, there is a growing appreciation of the interlinkages between nuclear war and climate change as dire existential threats that require immediate attention. Both threats are “man-made”, and if unmitigated, wield the potential to extinguish human existence on earth.

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"bad sign" before the echo nuclear negotiations of the disappointment expressed by Rafael Grosse, the United States, have also deplored the Absence of progress between the IAEA and Iran, considering that Tehran's position was "a bad sign" before the resumption of the Iranian nuclear negotiations on Monday in Vienna.

"We thank the Chief Executive Officer" of the UN agency "for his efforts and are disappointed that Iran did not understand the opportunity it was offered to cooperate," said A spokesman for American diplomacy, cited by AFP.

Lead 1-nuclear-on margin of Vienna Discussions, Iran progresses Uranium .
Iran-Nucleaire / IAEA (Lead 1, Photo): Lead 1-nuclear-on margin of Vienna discussions, Iran Progress on Uranium (adds Comment from Iran at the end of dispatch) by Francois Murphy Vienne, December 1st (Reuters) - Iran started producing enriched uranium with advanced centrifuges in its Fordow's underground plant on Wednesday reported the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), which weakens a little more the 2015 agreement on the Iranian nuclear program while negotiations have just resume to a

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