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World: new delivery service initiative: REWE invests in 2022 new warehouse locations

MotoGP 2022: Overview Drivers, Teams and Driver Change

 MotoGP 2022: Overview Drivers, Teams and Driver Change The MotoGP Season 2021 is over. The 2022 season starts traditionally with the Grand Prix of Qatar on March 6th. With 21 races in the MotoGP calendar 2022 , the new season of the royal class of the motorcycle World Cup will be as extensive as never a previously. And it will be the first season of the royal class since the 500s season 1999, which goes over the stage without Valentino Rossi in the starter field.

REWE expands its delivery service and opens a new warehouse location in Stuttgart. 2022 If the food retailer wants to continue to invest in new delivery areas.

Bjoern Wylezich / © provided by bjoern wylezich / Food orders in the network have been added

food online is easy and fast. Especially the Corona crisis has further fired this trend and changing the purchasing behavior of many people sustainably. According to a survey of Bitkom Research, in which 1,007 people in Germany were interviewed by phone about their purchasing behavior from 16 years, there are currently 26 percent now and then food on the Internet. This corresponds to an increase of 10 percent since the beginning of the pandemic. "The changes triggered by the corona crisis are also in the food retail trade of duration," says BITKOM-General Managing Director Dr. Bernhard Rohleder in a press release to the study. Especially at younger the digital shopping is very popular. 32 percent of 16- to 29-year-olds order frequently or every now and then on the net. With the 30- to 49-year-olds, it is even 36 percent. No wonder that even large food retailers want to benefit from this demand.

Belarus clears migrant camp at Polish border

  Belarus clears migrant camp at Polish border About 1,000 people from the Middle East have been trying to get into the EU from Belarus.About 1,000 people, mostly from the Middle East, have been living at the makeshift camp with the aim of entering the EU.

Video: Warning strikes in the public service Bayern planned (Glomex)

New Rewe-Warehouse location in Stuttgart should enable "Same Day" delivery

So Rewe wants to further expand its own delivery service according to the "food newspaper" and already 2022 in new delivery areas invest. For this purpose, for example, the opening up of new bearings is counted. Most recently, a new warehouse location was opened in the urban area of ​​Stuttgart. This should allow for a press release of REWE the so-called "SAME Day" delivery - ie the order and delivery on the same day. Here, customers in and around Stuttgart can shop until 1 pm on or via app, choose a free delivery window from 5 pm and then get the goods delivered to the home door. Among the food, fresh foods such as fruits and vegetables, dairy products and meat products are also offered in addition to frozen products.

Delivery FLINK Supports REWE For deliveries

In addition, REWE would also like to resort to the delivery service to the delivery service for its products. According to the Tagesschau, the Berlin start-up is supplied exclusively by REWE with goods. In return, the food retailer assumes a minority stake in Flink. "The food retail trade in Germany has experienced a doubling of the delivery and pick-up service business in the Corona crisis. REWE is well positioned in this segment as the market leader in Germany and relies on the continuous development of," said Lionel Souque, CEO, CEO The REWE Group in a press release in June. Tim Adler / Editorial

Mittelstandsverband demands 2G rule in operations .
The Federal Association of Medium-sized economy has demanded a 2G rule in operations for curbing the Corona pandemic. "This is easier to control and cheaper than the 3G rule," said Federal Building Manager Markus Jerger of the German Press Agency. © Robert Michael / DPA Central Image / DPA An employee of the chip manufacturer Globalfoundries (GF) shows its vaccination pass before the start of the service in the lobby of the factory.

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