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World: Anne Hidalgo against nuclear weapons? A forgotten signature resumes ...

The nuclear nuclear is needed in the presidential campaign

 The nuclear nuclear is needed in the presidential campaign while the right and far-right candidates defend without hesitation the construction of new reactors, those on the left are more divided on the part to be granted to this energy in the ecological transition . © Provided by the world The President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, during the presentation of the France 2030 investment plan, at the Palais de l'Elysee, in Paris, on October 12, 2021.

C’est une information très gênante pour Anne Hidalgo que met en lumière le journal l’Opinion : la Maire de Paris a signé un texte en faveur de l’interdiction de la dissuasion nucléaire. Le fondateur du journal et éditorialiste d'Europe 1 Nicolas Beytout revient sur ce fait qui remonte à plus de deux ans, mais qui risque d'embarrasser la candidate socialiste. © AFP This is a very troublesome information for Anne Hidalgo that highlights the newspaper The opinion: The Mayor of Paris has signed a text in favor of the prohibition of deterrence nuclear. The founder of the newspaper and editorialist of Europe 1 Nicolas Beyout returns to this fact that dates back more than two years, but who is likely to embarrass the socialist candidate.

Can we be president of the French Republic and reject nuclear weapons? A few months of the presidential election , opinion raises the question . The newspaper reveals that Anne Hidalgo signed a text for the prohibition of nuclear deterrence ahead. She was then "Mayor of Paris. But now socialist candidate for the supreme function of the state, this signature may come back in full figure, according to Nicolas Beyout, founder of the opinion and Editorialist of Europe 1 .

What role can nuclear energy play in Africa’s climate transition?

  What role can nuclear energy play in Africa’s climate transition? African states should not be denied the opportunity to use nuclear energy, but it should be a solution of last resort.As a nuclear policy analyst, I found COP26 remarkably interesting in many ways. Thanks to the relentless activism of nuclear disarmament organisations, there is a growing appreciation of the interlinkages between nuclear war and climate change as dire existential threats that require immediate attention. Both threats are “man-made”, and if unmitigated, wield the potential to extinguish human existence on earth.

Nuclear: What is the text signed by Anne Hidalgo?

It was about two and a half years ago, but the town hall never advertised. And for good reason. This text is a call launched by an international association, ICAN (English Acronym for International Action for the Abolition of Nuclear Weapon). This ICAN is not an NGO from the corner, no, it is winner of the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize. Just that. His voice weighs heavily, and when she takes an initiative (as for example a call), we do not treat her as we would sign on a corner of the first petition came imagined by a group of rights-of-the-one Hommists.

But what does this famous call say? "We support the Treaty on the Prohibition of Atomic Weapons and call our government to join". This prohibition treaty of atomic weapons is well known from the military and diplomatic world. It was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly four years ago and is supposed to be entered into force this year. In reality, none of the nine nuclear powers in the world has obviously signed it. No more France than others. So that's the problem: Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris and the official candidate of the Socialist Party to the Presidential, supports a request made to France to renounce nuclear deterrence.

China's push back after Australia advances nuclear submarines deal

  China's push back after Australia advances nuclear submarines deal Just hours after Australia took the next step to acquire nuclear-powered submarines under the controversial AUKUS agreement, China opened a bold diplomatic offensive. It came after Defence Minister Peter Dutton signed a formal agreement with diplomats from the US and UK yesterday to enable the nations to share sensitive information about the vessels."This agreement will support Australia in completing the 18 months of intensive and comprehensive examination of the requirements underpinning the delivery of nuclear-powered submarines," Mr Dutton said.

What do we say to the Paris town hall?

Not much, it's rather embarrassment. It must be said that the case is serious. The PS and nuclear, it is a record that goes back to the end of the 1970s, when François Mitterrand understands that to access power, he must convert his party over a number of topics, including the nuclear bomb. A man played a key role in this evolution, Charles Hernu, old road companion from the future president, who will be his Prime Minister of Defense. And since then, the PS has never called into question the existence in France of the nuclear weapon. He has never contested the determinant role of deterrence in our defense policy.

François Hollande, for example, has always affirmed his commitment to this component of our strength: "I will be the guarantor of France's nuclear deterrent ability," he said. And he added, as President of the Republic: "I fully assume it". As for the predecessor of Anne Hidalgo at the Town Hall of Paris, Bertrand Delanoë, he wished that the city of Paris be the "godmother" of Charles de Gaulle, the nuclear-propulsion aircraft holder, which is naturally a key link of the Projection of our nuclear weapon anywhere in the world. Yes, it's complicated ...

Anne Hidalgo's position, who has not yet expressed about defense issues, can she evolve? It will certainly find a way to explain that, in an ideal world, peace, the friendship between peoples, all of this would dispense with nuclear weapons. But what this Anti-nuclear episode of Anne Hidalgo demonstrates is that in addition to the intrinsic weakness of socialists politically, the assessment of the Mayor of Paris complicates the election campaign. The debt of the city, insecurity, non-compliance with social laws in particular on the 35 hours at the Paris City Hall, and now this pitiful appeal episode to give up the nuclear weapon. All these topics directly affect what she can say and promise during her campaign. It is to wonder if, by force, it is not going to have to invent a hashtag "sacking the socialist candidacy to the Elysée".

Australia urged to lease US nuclear submarines to bridge capability gap .
A former US navy intelligence officer says leasing US Los Angeles Class nuclear submarines should be considered to promptly upskill the Australian navy workforce and deal with an increasing threat from China. Concerns about a capability gap come amid mounting questions about what the federal government's "intention" to build the new submarines in Adelaide means.Under the AUKUS pact signed in September, Australia's next fleet of submarines will be based on a US  or UK boat design and be nuclear powered.But the first submarine is not expected to hit the water until about 2040.

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