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World: Ethiopia: From the forehead, Abiy Ahmed promises "to bury the enemy"

Ethiopia's Abiy vows to head to war front amid rebel advance

  Ethiopia's Abiy vows to head to war front amid rebel advance Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said Monday he would head to the war front to lead soldiers battling rebels, as the year-long conflict moves closer to the capital Addis Ababa. It also came after the ruling Prosperity Party's executive committee met Monday to discuss the war, which has dragged on for a year. After that meeting, Defence Minister Abraham Belay told state-affiliated media that security forces would embark on a "different action", without providing details. "We can't continue like this, that means there will be change," Belay said.

Capture d'écran d'une vidéo publiée le 26 novembre 2021 sur le compte Twitter du Premier ministre éthiopien Abiy Ahmed, annonçant la reprise de la localité de Kasagita. © Twitter / Abiy Ahmed Screenshot of a video published November 26, 2021 on the Twitter account of Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, announcing the resumption of the locality of Kasagita.

In Ethiopia, the Prime Minister was shown on television this Friday at midday, four days after announceting that he would go over the front to take command of military operations. In the meantime, in Addis Ababa, the authorities took new draconian measures, as part of the state of emergency decreed on November 2nd, while hard fights continue on several fronts.

It is in camouflage, cap and sunglasses, that Abiy Ahmed has staged, a radio by hand, on the front of the Afar region. On the images shot by the television channel of the Oromo region, its hometown, it appears at the head of a section inspecting the bush.

UN to evacuate families from Ethiopia as rebels claim advance on capital

  UN to evacuate families from Ethiopia as rebels claim advance on capital The United Nations has ordered the immediate evacuation of family members of international staff in Ethiopia, according to an internal document seen by AFP on Tuesday, as Tigrayan rebels claim to be edging closer to the capital Addis Ababa. France also became the latest country to urge its citizens to leave Ethiopia as the brutal one-year conflict appears to be taking a dramatic new turn. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed on Monday vowed he would head to the front line to lead his soldiers, declaring: "We are now in the final stages of saving Ethiopia.

plowing the successes of the counter-offensive in progress, he explains that the army was going to "bury the enemy". He says she took over the locality of Kasagita, in the savannah at the foot of the Tiggian mountains, where hard fights were reported last week. Finally, he says that his soldiers are still moving forward, henceforth less than 100 km from Drass, the strategic crossroads whose fall had, at the beginning of the month, opened the road to the capital to the Tiginian rebellion.

At the turn of a sentence, Abiy Ahmed also refers to an announcement made earlier by public television, saying that the University of Addis Ababa reserved the right to cancel the diplomas of those who would support the Rebellion, giving a time indication to this television sequence. "The enemy does not have the means to compete with us. We will win, "he concludes.

This communication operation occurred in the aftermath of a new round of the army in the capital. Four draconian rules, especially for the media and their sources, have been enacted Thursday, for example, for example to report on the military situation outside the official circuit, or to "support terrorist groups under the pretext of freedom of expression" , without further precision.

In the field, the situation has not changed much. The rebels and the federal forces are always facing several points of contact, around the last collar before the plain where the capital is located, in the mountains in the north, as well as at the border with the Afar region.

Ethiopia's war in uncertain phase after Abiy's advance .
Ethiopia's military this week regained control of territory previously claimed by Tigrayan rebels, a potential validation of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed's decision to join soldiers to conflict-hit areas. Yet how the government scored its wins and what they mean for an eventual outcome in the year-old war remain points of fierce debate as fighting enters a new, uncertain phase. Just a month ago, the Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF) rebel group appeared to be on the offensive, claiming to have captured Dessie and Kombolcha, towns on a key highway headed towards the capital Addis Ababa.

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