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World: Mexico: At least 19 dead in a bus accident

Migratory Flows in Central America: Mexico Caught

 Migratory Flows in Central America: Mexico Caught © AP Migrants Wareries with other migrants to mount on a caravan, in Veracruz in Mexico, November 17, 2021 between Mexico and the United States and the United States Throughout Central America, migratory flows are breaking all records in 2021. More than 1.7 million people were arrested at the US border. Mexico, however known for its opening, has strengthened its means of combating people with illegal situations.

Mexico-accident: Mexico: at least 19 deaths in a bus accident

MEXIQUE: AU MOINS 19 MORTS DANS UN ACCIDENT DE BUS © Reuters / Luis Cortes Mexico: at least 19 dead in a bus accident

Mexico ( Reuters) - At least 19 people were killed and 20 other injured on Friday when a passenger bus circulating on a highway in the center of Mexico hit a house, according to the authorities.

The brakes of the bus, which headed for a local religious sanctuary in the state of Mexico, have dropped, according to the local media. State authorities have not revealed the possible causes of the accident.

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The deputy secretary inside the state, Ricardo de la Cruz Musalem, a declared that the wounded had been transferred to hospitals, some of which by air.

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Bus driver allegedly attacked by passenger after asking him to wear a mask .
The 55-year-old driver has been hospitalised with serious injuries following the attack in northern Victoria just before 10am. He was driving a bus travelling from Wodonga to Adelaide at the time.READ MORE: Victoria records its highest drowning toll in 20 years © Getty The attack occurred aboard a bus. The driver allegedly asked a man who boarded the bus at Kerang bus depot to wear a face mask before he continued on driving.The man allegedly then became abusive and punched a window, then approached the driver and seriously assaulted him.

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