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World: Bill Ackman: The omikron variant could boost the stock markets

Fears new Covid super-variant Omicron ALREADY is already in Australia

  Fears new Covid super-variant Omicron ALREADY is already in Australia Health Minister Greg Hunt on Saturday announced Australia would be joining Europe and the US in closing its borders to nine southern African countries to stop the new variant from entering the country. There are though 20 returned travellers quarantining in the Northern Territory who were repatriated from South Africa last week - one of whom has tested positive to Covid.Health officials in the Northern Territory are expected to confirm whether or not the infected case has the hyper-virulent new variant later on Saturday evening.

After Bill Ackman earned billions in the past year by a Corona bet, he now estimates that the omikron variant could turn out as a bullish for the stock markets - under a condition.

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• Bill Ackman known for lucrative Covid bet

• Ackman: Omikron could trigger bull market

• Bullishe effects under a condition

Omikron variant ensures sales on the market

The Black Friday was overshadowed this year from the newly discovered Coronavirus variant Omikron. This ensured price breakdowns at the stock markets worldwide: during the DAX by more than 4 percent crashed, the Eurostoxx finally even almost 5 percent in the minus, the Dow Jones Industrial and the Nasdaq Composite lost more than 2 Percent value. Although the markets were able to catch a little on Monday after sale, but only one day later it went downhill again.

What you need to know about the omicron variant

  What you need to know about the omicron variant Omicron is the newest Covid-19 “variant of concern,” according to the World Health Organization.Though the variant’s existence was first reported by South Africa, it has also been found in Belgium, Botswana, Germany, Hong Kong, Israel, Italy, and the United Kingdom, meaning the variant has already spread — though how far is unclear, as new cases continue cropping up around the world.

market participants are facing new Lockdowns, restrictions on companies and public life. In addition, investors are enormously unsettled, because according to some experts, the new variant could be more infectious due to their high number of mutations, but the effectiveness of existing vaccines at the same time weaker. For example, about Moderna Chief Stephane Bancel recently warned that it could take months until new variant-specific vaccines could be produced in masses. According to him, the effectiveness of existing vaccines will be "considerably sinking" compared to the delta variant. "I do not know how much, because we have to wait for data. But all scientists I talked to say, 'That does not look good," says him Dow Jones Newswires.

Fauci warns arrival of Omicron variant in the US is 'inevitable'

  Fauci warns arrival of Omicron variant in the US is 'inevitable' Omicron variant still hasn't arrived in the US after the White House banned travel to 8 African nations on Friday, tanking the Dow. Anthony Fauci said today that the new COVID strain is 'inevitable.''The fifth wave, or the magnitude of any increase... will really be dependent upon what we do in the new few weeks to a couple months,' Fauci said on CBS's 'Face the Nation' today.

Bill Ackman: Omikron could have a bullish impact on equity markets

, however, is the hedge fund Coryphous Bill Ackman, the Omikron variant could also have a positive effect on the equity markets. Ackman, CEO of Pershing Square Capital, is known, among other things, for its lucrative Covid bet. He put in 2020 that the insurance premiums would be rapid if the economies collapse, MarketWatch reports. Through this bet, Ackman deserved $ 2.6 billion in an investment of $ 27 million.

Via Twitter explained the well-known US investor, the new variant could have quite bullish effects, if it turned out that it comes with the variant's infection only to slight to moderate symptoms: "Although it is too early To have final data, early reported data suggest that the omikron virus 'light to moderate' symptoms (less severe) is caused and easier to be transferable. "

I Should Have Said: Bullish for The Equity Market, Bearish for the Bond Market

- Bill Ackman (@billackman) November 29, 2021

later added Ackman that Omikron Bullish on the stock markets, but Bearish should affect the bond market.

Whether the prominent investor is right with its assessment will show the next time. Editorial

DRUST Fears Omikron Problem in Germany from January - and dampens the hope for a pandemic end in the spring .
of the virologist Christian's premium fears from the beginning of the year's difficulties with the omikron variant of the Coronavirus also in this country. "The virus will grow in Germany too," said the scientist from the Berlin Charité on Tuesday in the podcast "Coronavirus-Update" at NDR Info. "I think of January we will have a problem with Omikron in Germany." This problem can last until the summer, he warned. In South Africa, the growth rates were high despite the summer there.

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