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World: toddlers more affected, do not being protected, much faster than Delta: What South Africa has previously been found about the Omikron variant White

Fears new Covid super-variant Omicron ALREADY is already in Australia

  Fears new Covid super-variant Omicron ALREADY is already in Australia Health Minister Greg Hunt on Saturday announced Australia would be joining Europe and the US in closing its borders to nine southern African countries to stop the new variant from entering the country. There are though 20 returned travellers quarantining in the Northern Territory who were repatriated from South Africa last week - one of whom has tested positive to Covid.Health officials in the Northern Territory are expected to confirm whether or not the infected case has the hyper-virulent new variant later on Saturday evening.

since the new coronavirus variant Omikron in South Africa has been detected, the world is breathing on: is it even more dangerous than The currently most widely used Delta variant? Protect the vaccines and there are more serious disease courses?

  Kleinkinder stärker betroffen, Genesene nicht geschützt, viel schneller als Delta: Was Südafrika bisher über die Omikron-Variante weiß © Provided by Berliner Kurier

Scientist in South Africa observe the new mutation with high pressure. And what they have found out so far is disturbing. Because the infection numbers in Africa have been rapid since the occurrence of Omikron. Throughout Africa, 52,300 new infections have been counted in the past week - this is an increase of 105 percent compared to the previous week. 31,000 new infections were accounted for on South Africa.

What you need to know about the omicron variant

  What you need to know about the omicron variant Omicron is the newest Covid-19 “variant of concern,” according to the World Health Organization.Though the variant’s existence was first reported by South Africa, it has also been found in Belgium, Botswana, Germany, Hong Kong, Israel, Italy, and the United Kingdom, meaning the variant has already spread — though how far is unclear, as new cases continue cropping up around the world.

, while Omikron seems to repress the delta variant rapidly. In South Africa, almost 80 percent of all DNA-sequenced Corona test results showed an infection with the Omikron variant, said Anne of Gottberg, microbiologist at the National Institute for Transferable Diseases in Johannesburg. "It looks like Omikron prevailed in the country," said Gottberg. In addition, first analyzes suggested that the number of reinfections in South Africa continued. "We conclude that the population could be more vulnerable to Omikron as a delta," says Gottberg. However, there are signs that the course of the disease in Omikron is less severe when it is a reinfection or the patient was vaccinated.

and: A surviving corona infection does not protect against infection with the new omikron variant. "We think that a prior infection does not protect against Omikron," said Anne from Gottberg. But then the symptoms seemed often less difficult. The existing Corona vaccines should also protect against serious illnesses according to Gottberg.

Sajid Javid says Christmas will be 'great' despite Omicron strain

  Sajid Javid says Christmas will be 'great' despite Omicron strain Sajid Javid said the government was taking 'proportionate and balanced' precautions to 'buy time', but stressed there is no certainty that the 'super-mutant' strain will be able to dodge jabs.The Health Secretary said the government was taking 'proportionate and balanced' precautions to 'buy time', confirming that masks will be compulsory again in shops and on public transport from Tuesday.

, however, should be aware of the need to infect with Omikron, the 2G rule adopted for Germany would be rethinking.

In addition, Omikron could be more dangerous for younger people than the delta variant. In South Africa, for example, after the Omikron variant occurrence, the number of hospital instructs of toddlers has increased significantly. Whether small children are particularly at risk by the new variant, but it is still unclear, scientists and representatives of health authorities declared on Friday.

"We have found a fairly strong increase in all ages, especially among the under five-year-olds," said Wassila Jassat from the National Institute for Transferable Diseases (NiCd) with a view to hospitalization. The incidence of the under five-year-old is now the second highest after the age group of over 60-year-olds.

also the number of children tested on Corona between ten and 14 years has grown according to the expert. According to scientists, this could be attributable, inter alia, that the Corona vaccine in South Africa has not been admitted to children under twelve years.

"Preliminary data suggest that Omikron is more easily transferable and the immune system can partially deal with," said Michelle Groome of NiCd. Although patients generally have milder symptoms than other variants, severe disease gradations could only occur in the next two weeks.

DRUST Fears Omikron Problem in Germany from January - and dampens the hope for a pandemic end in the spring .
of the virologist Christian's premium fears from the beginning of the year's difficulties with the omikron variant of the Coronavirus also in this country. "The virus will grow in Germany too," said the scientist from the Berlin Charité on Tuesday in the podcast "Coronavirus-Update" at NDR Info. "I think of January we will have a problem with Omikron in Germany." This problem can last until the summer, he warned. In South Africa, the growth rates were high despite the summer there.

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