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World: oil price: At the gas station, it becomes cheaper - at least for a short time

Inflation isn’t just a US thing

  Inflation isn’t just a US thing Supply chains are screwing with prices for a lot of the world.Consumers around the world are seeing higher prices for goods and services, and though some reasons for this vary by country, inflation is turning into something of a worldwide phenomenon.

a melange of higher offer and demand gantle has dropped the oil price. Motorists can look forward to lower tank costs. However, the price decline should hardly be.

Das Tanken machte Autofahrern zuletzt wenig Freude, wegen rekordhoher Spritpreise. © dpa The refueling made motorists last little joy, because of record-high fuel prices.

There are turbulent times. This also shows the oil price and indirectly on the dispenser. There, consumers are currently experiencing an alternating pool of feelings. Since the beginning of the year, the oil price, an important influence factor for the fuel costs, has risen vigorously. At the end of November he then gave rise surprisingly. On Friday this week, a barrel of the North Sea resorts, Brent cost slightly more than $ 71 and was not as cheap as since August. And it could first go downwards.

Mark Strong boards cast of Tar

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There are several reasons for the recent price decline: Because oil has become so expensive in recent months, the US government decided in November to tap its strategic oil reserves to relieve citizens financially. Some other countries want to take along. "The new variant of the Coronavirus came," says Carsten Fritsch, raw material analyst of Commerzbank. Omikron stems the fear of new Lockdowns. They would burden the economy and ensure that less oil is needed at times.

The interaction from degraded reserves and concerns from new corona restrictions means that the ratio of supply and demand moves. In the first quarter of 2022 significantly more oil is likely to come to the market than intended - and it could make a noticeably lower demand for omikron. By the decision of the US government, the oversupply of oil is expected to increase by 700,000 barrels per day, says Fritsch.

Minister locks in east coast gas to 2040

  Minister locks in east coast gas to 2040 The national gas infrastructure and investment plan released on Friday aims to lock in supply for households and manufacturers for east coast gas until 2040.The National Gas Infrastructure Plan and a Future Gas Infrastructure Investment Framework released on Friday aim to lock in supply for households and manufacturers for east coast gas out to 2040.

The OPEC + wants to increase the conveying quantity in January despite the new situation in January by 400,000 barrels per day. That should push the prices further. As an OPEC +, the organization is enhanced in the OPEC-represented oil countries such as Russia, Kazakhstan, Mexico and Oman. The decision of the oil alliance is surprising, commented Fritsch. After all, she left a back door open and can reverse her decision again.

motorists can only hope that the OPEC + remains on course. Last month, the fuel prices had reached a record high: both gasoline and diesel were as expensive in November 2021 as never before. Now the sunken oil price has the location on the dispenser at least a bit relaxed. Diesel approximately cost 1.52 euros per liter at the end of this week. That was six cents less than mid-November. Compared to the start of the year, the price remains at a high level. In January 2021, the liter of diesel had cost 1.23 euros in the nationwide cut. The increase in fuel prices also carries out on general inflation, even if the fuel prices even in the shopping cart for consumer prices of the Federal Statistical Office have only about 3.5 percent share.

Why the Energy Transition Will Be So Complicated

  Why the Energy Transition Will Be So Complicated The degree to which the world depends on oil and gas is not well understood.It began when Innovex Downhole Solutions, a Texas-based company that provides technical services to the oil and gas industry, ordered 400 jackets from North Face with its corporate logo. But the iconic outdoor-clothing company refused to fulfill the order. North Face describes itself as a “politically aware” brand that will not share its logo with companies that are in “tobacco, sex (including gentlemen’s clubs) and pornography.

The relaxation at the gas station should not be permanent. In the medium term, it is probably still significantly more expensive. First, the oil price is likely to continue its record hunt next year when the worries about the omikron variant. Second, the price of crude oil is not the only influence factor for how much money car drivers and motorists have to pay for refueling.

The fuel price is composed of several blocks. The largest of these are taxes. For gasoline lies the energy tax rate at 65.45 cents per liter, it is called the ADAC. Superbenzine of the E10 variety cost last by 1.61 euros per liter. On top of that VAT and CO2 levy arrive. Overall, motorists pay around 60 percent of the parental calculation to the state. From the coming year, the CO2 tax rises from 25 to 30 euros per plug-in ton of carbon dioxide. That too will be more expensive.

More about: When inflation attracts, the demands for price stoppers are louder - so also at the gasoline price. Why politicians can only lose the fight against rising energy prices and how they could take inflation pressure from the market instead, the economist Hanno Beck explains.

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