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World: Application of Saïf al-Islam to the presidential election in Libya: "The Kadhafi son has his chances"

Libya election commission says Saif Gaddafi ineligible to run

  Libya election commission says Saif Gaddafi ineligible to run Son of former ruler among 25 of the 98 registered presidential candidates disqualified from the December 24 election.Gaddafi was one of 25 candidates disqualified by the commission on Wednesday, in an initial decision pending an appeals process that will ultimately be decided by the judiciary. Some 98 Libyans had registered as candidates.

Saïf al-Islam Kadhafi, le 27 avril 2014. © Mahmud Turkia / AFP Saïf al-Islam Gaddafi, April 27, 2014.

It is an application that leaves indifferent Neither Libyans nor the international community. The son of the former dictator Mouammar Gaddafi can finally appear in the presidential election, scheduled for December 24 in Libya.

Saïf al-Islam had first seen his file rejected by the High Electoral Commission, since it is necessary to have a virgin judicial record. The son of the former dictator was sentenced to death in 2011 for repressing the revolt against the regime of his father, but he then benefited from an amnesty.

Today, it remains prosecuted by the International Criminal Court for Crimes against Humanity.

Tunisia. Nearly 500 migrants rescued by Navy

 Tunisia. Nearly 500 migrants rescued by Navy © Fathi NASRI / AFP migrants, rescued by the Tunisian authorities, arrive at the port of El-Ketef in Ben Guerdane, Tunisia, June 27, 2021. The Navy Tunisian rescued offshore, Friday, November 26, nearly 500 migrants from Libya. Nearly 500 migrants from Libya were rescued Friday, November 26 by the Tunisian Navy after the cap of the boat that carried them off Tunisia, said the Ministry of Defense.

After having seen his rejected file, Saif al-Islam had appealed and his candidacy was finally validated Thursday, December 2nd.

Joint by RFI, Hasni Abidi, Director of the Center for Studies and Research on the Arab and Mediterranean World, considers that the son Khadafi is a "serious candidate".

"It has its chances to the extent that Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi first benefited from a fairly important support for several tribes: its own tribe, but also the very important tribe, based in the east, of his mother .

"Saïf al-Islam has always maintained significant relationships with some of the military officers who have joined Marshal Hatar and others who have remained behind. It is still a moderate man, the man of the opening of the Gaddafi regime and, last, also benefits from international support. "

Honduras braces for trouble in presidential election

  Honduras braces for trouble in presidential election Honduras is bracing itself for potential violence as more than five million people vote on Sunday to replace President Juan Orlando Hernandez, a controversial figure accused of drug trafficking in the United States. "People won't vote for Xiomara (Castro), they will vote against Juan Orlando Hernandez and what he represents," said Pineda.Leftist opposition candidate Xiomara Castro led opinion polls last month, but the ruling right-wing National Party (PN) -- whose candidate is charismatic Tegucigalpa mayor Nasry Asfura -- has had the benefit of better organization and greater resources to run its campaign.

" Russia has never hidden, in any case, his wish to see Saïf al-Islam play an important role. He has very important supports also on the Egyptian side! The Egyptians sent several emissaries to also negotiate with Saïf al-Islam.

"This is an additional element of discord within Libyan society that will complicate both the task, of course, favorite candidates, like Hatar and as the former Minister of the Interior. It will limit the electoral reservoir and it will also interfere with some neighboring states, some Western powers that do not have an interest in what the slaughterhouse of the Libyan regime is brought to power. "

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