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World: new electric lights from Italy - Tazzari Minimax, Minimax Cubo and Zero 4

How Emily went from a heaving bin to producing barely any rubbish

  How Emily went from a heaving bin to producing barely any rubbish Joining the "zero waste movement" can be challenging, but it isn't actually about producing no waste whatsoever. Rather, it's about doing what you can, when you can. "And all those small changes will have a … cumulative effect over a lifetime." While neither Emily nor Vandyke aim for perfection, they've both whittled their rubbish down considerably. Emily "barely produces anything". Meanwhile Vandyke - who's a rocket scientist, medical student and mother of a toddler - produces a "tiny, tiny bag" every few months, adding it's "only grown" to that amount since becoming a parent.

The Italian manufacturer Tazzari has also presented new electric vehicles with four wheels on the motorcycle fair EICMA in Milan.

  Neue Elektro-Leichtfahrzeuge aus Italien - Tazzari Minimax, Minimax Cubo und Zero 4 © Tazzari

In northern Italy, not only sports cars arise like those of the Brands Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati. Even small electric cars tumble here from a factory in Imola: the brand Tazzari. The Tazzari Zero is in the market segment of the light vehicles (L6E with 45 km / h top speed) quite a success story. On the motorcycle fair EICMA in Milan, Tazzari not only presented the electric motorcycle Italian Volt Lacama, but also new vehicles with four wheels.

Minimax: Driving from 15

The Tazzari Minimax is a two-seater, only 2.13 meter long city car with electric drive. In Italy, it is supposed to give him both in a light-vehicle version limited to 45 km / h, which can be driven with us with the driver's license on the age of 15, as well as a L7E vehicle with 80 km / h maximum speed.

Gov. Abbott guarantees lights will stay on in Texas this winter

  Gov. Abbott guarantees lights will stay on in Texas this winter Gov. Greg Abbott promised Texans that the “lights will stay on” this winter following a near collapse of the state's electrical system last February. Asked by Fox 7 for his thoughts and confidence about the power grid, Abbott said he is "very confident" as he "signed almost a dozen laws that make the power grid more effective." TEXAS REPUBLICAN GOV. GREG ABBOTT FILES TO RUN FOR RE-ELECTION According to Fox 7, power generators across Texas must notify the Public Utility Commission about winter weatherization plans by Dec. 1. Inspections are set to begin in January.

The minimax 45 has a maximum power of 10 kW (14 hp), the rated power of the drive is 6 kW (8 hp). The miniMAX 8 comes up to 15 kW (20 hp) or 11.5 kW (16 hp) continuous performance. The L6E variant can optionally be ordered with a 5.6 or 11.2 kWh traction battery for 81 or 162 kilometers range. The stronger model offers 7.8 or 11.2 kWh with 112 or 162 kilometers radius to choose from. The prices start for the minimax 45 at 12,990 euros, for the minimax 80 at 13.990 euros.

small transporter with electric drive

tazzari minimax cubo is called the commercial vehicle variant of the small car. In addition to a pick-up and a transporter there is also a chassis for individual superstructures. The Minimax Cubo is 3.23 meters long, but like his model brother only 1.20 meters wide. This makes it good for the municipal use, for example in parks or on sidewalks. Nevertheless, thanks to a 110 centimeter wide and 125 centimeters long loading space, a europe is to be damaged.

Electric scooter trial coming for NSW

  Electric scooter trial coming for NSW A twelve-month trial starting in NSW next year will explore whether electric scooters, which are currently not allowed on footpaths, can be rolled out safely.The trial comes in response to growing use of private e-scooters, though they're currently illegal to ride on footpaths.

The engine power of the CUBO corresponds to that of the Minimax 80, the maximum speed is 65 km / h. To the mentioned battery sizes, there is also a variant with 22.4 kWh storage capacity, which should then allow up to 312 kilometers range. Of course, this only applies if the payload of 600 kilograms is not exploited. The prices for Tazzari Minimax Cubo start at 17.990 euros.

Electric Beach Buggy

The third novelty is the electric buggy tazzari Zero 4. From 18.990 euros you can buy the 3,20 meter long four-seater with fabric plane as a top. The electric drive is up to 25 kW (34 hp), the rated power is 15 kW (20 hp). With a 14.2 kWh large lithium-ion battery, the Zero 4 should come up to 180 kilometers far, with the standard 8 kWh battery, it is 103 kilometers. This ranges, for example, for trips from the beach to the hotel: In the Italian resort of Bibione, Tazzari Zero 4 will be offered as a rental car.

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