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World: Fear of Omikron: So Corona Medicines

to Omikron Shock: DAX starts firmer into the new week

 to Omikron Shock: DAX starts firmer into the new week The DAX first records a bit higher on Monday and heralds stabilization. © Provided by Toru Yamanaka / AFP / Getty Images The DAX opened the Monday trading 1.06 percent higher at 15,418.28 points. After his recent course slide because of the emergence of the new coronavirus variant omikron classified as a worrying, the DAX stabilizes something. yearly to end? On Friday, the messages on Omikron had set a sudden end of the year-dralty in the DAX.

act after a positive Corona test simply throwing a tablet to prevent to land with heavy symptoms in the hospital - that sounds good. However, it is not so easy so far. The most developed pills against Covid-19 are Molnupiravir distributed by the US pharmaconzern MSD under the name Location Vrio, as well as paxlovide of the competitor Pfizer . These antiviral agents reduce the ability of the virus to reproduce themselves.

  Angst vor Omikron: So wirken Corona-Medikamente © Provided by Berliner Zeitung

LocationVrio may only be used in emergencies in the European Union. Regular market approval has not yet been granted, even in the US, this is still checked.

Results of a Clinical Study , which MSD published on 26 November, prove significantly lower efficacy when they had challenged at the beginning of October with a large vortex in the early October. Location review therefore reduces by 30 percent and not as initially announced by around 50 percent, the risk of hospitalization and the risk of severity of corona riskatients.

Which countries have already implemented travel restrictions because of Corona variant Omikron

 Which countries have already implemented travel restrictions because of Corona variant Omikron To the new corona virus variant Omikron curb, some countries have imposed travel restrictions. Israel and Japan about closing their borders to all visitors from abroad. In Britain, new entry requirements apply. An overview. © Getty Images The developments around the Corona pandemic have taken in recent days again a turn that is true pessimistic. In South Africa, a new virus variant was discovered that Omikron is called.

In addition, there are still doubts about the safety of the agent. Theoretically, his commitment could favor the occurrence of new corona variants or have carcinogenic effects. However, US experts appreciate these risks as low.

The EU and US health authorities are currently examining paxlovide, which is based in part on the anti- HIV drug ritonavir. Both for location fiddle as well as for paxlovid speaks that they are probably equally well regardless of different coronavirus variants. This could also be used when the omikron variant prevails.

These high-tech drugs are not intended for a mass use in view of their high price. Thus, the drug Ronapreve costs estimates of non-governmental organizations, according to around 1700 euros per dose. The funds developed by Regeneron and Roche is recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) for older or immunogallyconded patients. It combines two monoclonal, ie synthetically prepared antibodies: Casirivimab and Imdevimab. The cocktail is injected uniquely intravenously.

Bill Ackman: The omikron variant could boost the stock markets

 Bill Ackman: The omikron variant could boost the stock markets After Bill Ackman earned billions in the past year by a Corona bet, he now estimates that the omikron variant could turn out as a bullish for the stock markets - under a condition. © Provided by Philippe Huguen / AFP / Getty Images • Bill Ackman known for lucrative Covid bet • Ackman: Omikron could trigger bull market • Bullishe effects under a condition Omikron variant ensures sales on the market The Black Friday was overshadowed this year from the newly discovered Coronavirus var

Apart from the high costs, monoclonal antibody has the disadvantage that mutations can reduce their effectiveness in new coronavirus variants. Thus, Regeneron acknowledged on 30 November that his monoclonal antibodies against Omikron may be less effective.

For particularly diseased patients, the WHO recommends other monoclonal antibodies: Tocilizumab is expelled by Roche under the name ACTEMRA or ROACTEMRA, Sarilumab from Sanofi is under the name Kevzara on the market. According to WHO, these two funds suppressing the immune system must be administered together with corticosteroids.

Great Britain has just admitted another therapy with monoclonal antibodies: Sotrovimab. The remedy developed by the British Pharmaconzern GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) along with the California Vir Biotechnology company is also administered uniquely intravenously and has a long duration of action.

WHO: So far no deaths reported by Omikron reported

 WHO: So far no deaths reported by Omikron reported "All findings" to spread omikron would be collected by the WHO, emphasized the WHO spokesman. This will result in the knowledge of time expanding, especially if the countries concerned were specifically searched for the omikron variant. So there will be a collection of knowledge, but "hopefully not about deaths". © Provided by Berliner Zeitung The new variant had been discovered for the first time in South Africa for the first time a week ago.

These funds were the first active substances recognized by the WHO as Corona therapy in September 2020. According to WHO, the systematic administration of corticosteroids according to previous data is only installed in patients who are under a "heavy or life-threatening form" suffer from Covid-19. The agents act against the heavy COVID cases typical inflammatory processes. According to Who, they reduce the risk of death as well as the risk of being artificially ventilated.

Corona therapies are similar to arms for poor countries as vaccines. According to an estimate of physicians without limits, a multi-day treatment with LakeServrio or Paxlovid in developed countries costs around 600 euros - priceless in many parts of the world.

Pfizer and MSD have therefore concluded license agreements, which should facilitate the distribution of their anti-corona pills in poorer countries, if they are admitted there. However, this does not mean that developing countries will have immediate and comprehensive access.

Germany has, according to Lauterbach enough vaccine for booster campaign .
Berlin / Munich. Shortly after office, the new Minister of Health gives an overview of the supply of Corona vaccines. The result surprises him. Meanwhile, additional tests for access rules should be largely eliminated. © Michael Sohn Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach with Chancellor Olaf Scholz (both SPD) in the Bundestag. Corona vaccine inventory has resulted in a shortage for the first quarter 2022 according to the Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach. This has surprised many.

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