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World: DRUST Fears Omikron Problem in Germany in the New Year

Portugal First division Belenenses records 13 omikron cases

 Portugal First division Belenenses records 13 omikron cases The new Corona variant Omikron has also arrived in Portugal. Along 13 players of a first division, who had already taken care of headlines at the weekend, are affected. © AFP Via Getty Images to Nein in Duel with Benfica: The rest of the Belenenses squad. Club from Lisbon played at the weekend to ninth The virus had been established at 13 players and other members of the first division from Lisbon, shared the Secretary-General of the Insa, Graça Freitas Health Authority, on Monday.

The virologist Christian Radeste fears from the beginning of the beginning of the year's difficulties with the omikron variant of the Coronavirus also in this country. "The virus will grow in Germany too," said the scientist from the Berlin Charité on Tuesday in the podcast "Coronavirus-Update" at NDR Info. "I think of January we will have a problem with Omikron in Germany."

This problem can last until the summer, he warned. In South Africa, the growth rates were high despite the summer there. "And that's what I would do at the moment Not say until Easter in Germany the pandemic is over when Omikron takes over. " So far, it was known to him from the exchange with colleagues about 25 to 30 omikron cases, reported outside. The number is not complete and will increase "in a very short time".

"Residual items with a constant expiration date": Expert criticizes vaccine alms for Africa

 Against the background of the Omikron variant of the Corona virus discovered in South Africa urges the outgoing Africa application of the Federal Government, Günter Nooke (CDU) to the delivery of additional vaccine doses for Africa . © Picture Alliance / DPA African Supervisor of the Federal Government, Günter Nooke, urges the delivery of additional pound doses for Africa. "The development in Africa must be taken seriously," said Nooke the editorial network Germany (RND).

The virologist stressed, however, that there were many open questions about the variant still many open questions and more data would be waited. Multiple spoke of a "Council of Council". The starting positions in South Africa and England, where Omikron spread propagate in worrying speed, are also different than in Germany. He also did not paint the devil to the wall, but consider caution given the changes in the virus for commandments, said the Charité researcher.

at Omikron is the "stupid combination" of properties to be feared: immuno tread and fitness profit - a variant that better escapes antibodies of vaccinated and recessed and is also infectious. Waterproofing in Germany would have to be closed, that's the first priority said, also in the face of serious courses, which would now be observed in children in South Africa, it is to be feared that Omikron was "not harmless" for uncovered "not harmless". One should not be used for reports on mild courses in recent and vaccinated euphoria.

Bill Ackman: The omikron variant could boost the stock markets

 Bill Ackman: The omikron variant could boost the stock markets After Bill Ackman earned billions in the past year by a Corona bet, he now estimates that the omikron variant could turn out as a bullish for the stock markets - under a condition. © Provided by Philippe Huguen / AFP / Getty Images • Bill Ackman known for lucrative Covid bet • Ackman: Omikron could trigger bull market • Bullishe effects under a condition Omikron variant ensures sales on the market The Black Friday was overshadowed this year from the newly discovered Coronavirus var

also the US Immunologist Fauci warns of premature conclusions

According to the US immunologists Anthony Fauci, the omikron variant of the coronavirus could cause less severe disease progression. However, Fauci warned on Tuesday that it was still too early for a final evaluation.

For the cases that are currently evaluating, one observes relatively mild disease courses. However, this can also be because of these cases, above all younger people are affected. "So I would say that we should not draw definitive conclusions."

, especially when asking the severity of the disease, there are always delays. "I could imagine that it will take at least a few weeks until we have one Good overview - and then only a few weeks later a really good overview, "said the president consultant.


Coronavirus - Aktuelle Lage © Picture Alliance / DPA / DPA Pool | Michael Kappeler Coronavirus - Current Location

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Germany has, according to Lauterbach enough vaccine for booster campaign .
Berlin / Munich. Shortly after office, the new Minister of Health gives an overview of the supply of Corona vaccines. The result surprises him. Meanwhile, additional tests for access rules should be largely eliminated. © Michael Sohn Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach with Chancellor Olaf Scholz (both SPD) in the Bundestag. Corona vaccine inventory has resulted in a shortage for the first quarter 2022 according to the Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach. This has surprised many.

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