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World: Haiti: The hell of the Gonaïves Prison

TIME (Canal +): Immerse yourself in the sides of Sean Bean, Heroes of this series Punch

 TIME (Canal +): Immerse yourself in the sides of Sean Bean, Heroes of this series Punch © 2021 BBC Studios Time (Canal +): Immerse yourself in the prison hell alongside Sean Bean, Heroes From this series Punch this Monday, November 29 at 9pm, Canal + proposes the first two episodes of the unpublished British mini-series, Time. Scope by Sean Bean and Stephen Graham, this series plunges with realism in the prison world. Canal + launches this Monday, November 29 from 21h a new British mini-series, Time , which offers a realistic dive in the prison hell.

Prison de Port-au-Prince, Haïti. © Getty Images - Niels Salomonsen Prison of Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

"inhuman", "degrading", "cruel". These are some of the adjectives used in the published report at the end of June of the United Nations Integrated Office in Haiti (Binuh) on the state of Haitian prisons. Institutions in which 80% of detainees are waiting for judgment. Data may be a little too abstract for all those who have never pushed the door of one of these prisons.

According to the UN, Haiti is one of the 10 countries most affected by prolonged preventive detention, a consequence of an almost non-existent judicial system. The consequence: overcrowded prisons in which the cells are crowded, without bed, without water, without toilet with one meal a day, often, a yoghurt in all and for everything in which we find dead insects. At the Gonaïve Prison, the smell is pestilential and diseases of all kinds propagate.

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Haiti: 12 of the 17 North American missionaries kidnapped mid-October by a gang were released .
on October 16, the group had been removed after the visit of an orphanage, west of the Capital Port-Au- Prince. The kidnappers had asked for a ransom of $ 1 million per hostage. © Provided by FranceInfo The majority of hostages were released. In total, 12 of the 17 members of the North American Missionary Group and their relatives kidnapped by a gang in Haiti, were released Thursday, December 16, announced to AFP the spokesman for the National Police, Gary Desrosiers .

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