World: The first reviews for "The Witcher" Season 2 are here: the next fantasy highlight of Netflix?

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  Money Heist cast look unrecognisable as they pose on red carpet The stars of hit TV series Money Heist were unrecognisable during a photocall for the presentation of the last part of the fifth season of the Spanish show. Leading the glamour at the event was Ursula Corbero who wowed on the red carpet at the Palacio Vistalegre arena in Madrid. © Provided by Daily Mail ( The high-octane Spanish drama, aka La Casa de Papel, returns for a final volume of five episodes. Still stuck inside the bank, will all the gang get out alive, not least as they also have a hostage revolt to deal with.

on December 17, 2021 - and thus all two years after the start-up season - the second season of the.-Fantasy Hits " The Witcher " appears. then finally experienced Fans of the Serial Adaptation of Andrzej Sapkowskis Hexer-Saga, as the history of monster hunters Geralt ( Henry Cavill ), his with dangerous hidden forces equipped protégem Ciri ( Freya Allan ) and the deadly mastery Yennefer ( Anya Chalotra ) continues.

Die ersten Kritiken zu © Netflix The First Reviews on "The Witcher" Season 2 are there: the next fantasy highlight of Netflix?

exactly one week ago, the Embargo has now fallen for the first meetings to the series, so you can now take a picture of how the "Witcher" continuation in criticism so far around. We have already seen six of the eight new episodes in advance and want to give you the conclusion of Fantasy Lover and "The Witcher" expert Julius from the Filmstart editorial editorial editorial:

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"The second season may need something until it gets going , for these are the later consequences then to the best in the history of the series, as gripping and tight told are you. " compared to the already very good season 1 falls along Season 2 Julius also rounded round and narrative and content more ripe and adult out. His complete criticism then read punctually to the start of the season.

That says other critics when looking at the reviews that are currently graduating from the new "The Witcher" -Staffel (and also succumbed to those six episodes), a total of a very similar tenor is to be heard as Julius. In fact, from the 14 previously captured reviews in the Review Collective Page. At the gros the trade press so far good to very well arrive.

For sources working with valuation systems, the estimates range from 5 possible accessible points of 3 (once; from Independent ) over 3.5 (twice; from IGN Movies and Total Movie ) to 4 ( three times; from Empire , Digital Spy and the DAILY Telegraph ) or by US school notch system from a B + (once; from AV Club ) to an A- (once; from Collider ).

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 Squid Game Season 2: The Creator gives clues and tease the dark side of Gi-Hun Squid Game season 2 is not yet officially controlled by Netflix but the creator planks already on the rest. In a new interview, Hwang Dong-Hyek has just given new (small) indices on what is waiting for Gi-Hun (alias player 456) and viewers in a second season potential. And he teases still episodes where the hero could become darker. As if it were not already pretty depressing so far ...

Netflix novelties in December

Many - including the websites Collider , Empire and Total Movie - are aging, that represents the second season in terms of narrative a clear improvement over the unnecessarily complicated first season. Digital Spy brings the same as the point: "Season 2 is a complete success, it builds on what we love in this world, while at the same time optimized everything, which has prevented religious 1, really greatly great be. "It is also to read (u .a. at AV Club ) that the new episodes are even more self-confident and deeper into the fantasy world and mythology of template dive and according to Empire also the horror not too short comes.

While it is noted critically, that there is a little idle here and there, it must be careful notoscuting ( IGN Movies ) and "The Witcher" that it does not neglect its unique selling points in the midst of the fantasy overlay in the film and serial area ( The Verge ), Almost all types of scribes are well maintained entertained well. Wem Season 1 already liked, should be with Season 2 (at least) just as much fun.

Calendar Netflix: News Outings on Sunday 19 December .
© Capture YouTube / Trailer Calendar Netflix: News Outings On Sunday, December 19th At the end of the year, Netflix is ​​full of novelties for the greatest happiness his subscribers. Télé-leisure reveals you what awaits you this Sunday, December 19th. out of inspiration for your netflix evenings? To close the year in style, the streaming platform is full of novelties, and fills its catalog of movies and series for the greatest happiness of all.

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