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World: Rally Dakar 2022: The starters from Germany, Austria and Switzerland

More direction motocross: KTM with new motorcycle at the Rally Dakar

 More direction motocross: KTM with new motorcycle at the Rally Dakar © KTM Matthias Walkner relies on a new KTM 450 Rally between 2001 and 2007, KTM won the Rally Dakar in Africa and remained from 2009 to 2019 The Austrian brand unbeaten in South America issues. Then the rally moved to Saudi Arabia. 2020 and 2021 Honda KTM came from the throne and conquered two victories. In January 2022, KTM will try a completely newly developed 450 rally try to recapture the overall victory. "The idea was," says Matthias Walkner opposite '', "that we build

At the Rally Dakar 2022 in Saudi Arabia, some riders from Germany, Austria and Switzerland occur. The majority of the German-speaking representatives act as a privately, but there are also three names that can hopes for podium places.

As in previous years, two German passengers have the best opportunities on top results in the automotive ranking. Timo Gottschalk is the 14th time and acts as a navigator of Poland Jakub Przygonski. With X-RAID you have top material available.

Przygonski / Gottschalk drive a MINI Buggy, who has conquered the overall victory over the past two years. However, a slightly reduced by the regulations of the air volume limiter. Gottschalk won the Dakar 2011 as a co-pilot of Nasser Al-Attiyah.

Founder of PayPal: Austria's ex-chancellor shorts in the future for Tech Investor Thiel

 Founder of PayPal: Austria's ex-chancellor shorts in the future for Tech Investor Thiel Short was briefly resigned in October after corruption allegations as Chancellor in Austria. Now it attracts the 35-year-old reports according to America. © Photo: Imago Images / Austria's Ex-Chancellor Sebastian Short at a press conference in October The former Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Shortly, media reports work in the future for the German-American technology investor Peter Thiel.

Dirk from Zitzwitz has also cheered over a total victory. That was Giniel de Villiers in 2009. Now sits by Zitzwitz on the side of Khalid Al-Qassimi. You drive an older Peugeot 3008 DKR, which is prepared by pH sports.

In the private driver field, Markus Walcher with passenger Stefan Stensky in a Nissan VK56. The history of the Walcher Racing team goes back to the 1980s, when Gerhard Walcher with self-built motorcycle scanners has denied the Dakar.

Son Markus is at the third time, Stensky for the first time. The Nissan VK56 was built by the South African tuner Red Line. Jürgen Schröder arrives with the South African Navigator Ryan Bland in a Nissan Navara VK50.

The Swiss flag keeps the rebellion team at the cars. Two DXX are used. There are Alexandre Pesci and Stefan Kuhni in one of them. Pesci is President of Rebellion Corporation.

Germany to close nuclear reactors despite energy crisis

  Germany to close nuclear reactors despite energy crisis Germany will shut down three nuclear power plants on Friday even as Europe faces one of its worst ever energy crises, following Angela Merkel's timetable for phasing out atomic energy. Germany is planning to completely wind down atomic energy by the end of 2022, when it will shut its final three plants in Neckarwestheim, Essenbach and Emsland. But with energy prices soaring across Europe, the timing of the plans coming to fruition could hardly be worse. Europe's reference gas price, Dutch TTF, hit 187.78 euros per megawatt hour in December -- 10 times higher than at the start of the year -- and electricity prices are also soaring.

Light prototypes: Passenger Dennis Zenz in the top field

In the class of light prototypes with SSV vehicles, Annett fishischer faces the challenge. After two years as a passenger, the Germans are now sitting on the wheel again. She drives a Yamaha YXZ 1000R. Co-pilot is the Swedish Annie Seel.

Seel is known mainly as a motorcyclist. She drove her first Dakar in 2002. 2010 she was the best driver at the bikes. Fisherman / soul have decided to prepare a race together with the Ha'il Rallye.

Seth Quintero, Dennis Zenz © Provil by Seth Quintero, Dennis Zenz

Seth Quintero and Dennis Zenz count at the light prototypes to the top field

Photo: Red Bull Contentpool

Opportunities on a top result in the class of light prototypes has Denis Zenz, who in the Red Bull Offroad Junior Team USA The passenger from Seth Quintero is. In the SSV class, the Austrian Nicolas Brabeck-Letmathe and the Swiss Jerome de Sadalener.

In the motorcycles, the Austrian Matthias Walkner is the spearhead of German-speaking representatives. But there are some privately. Wolfgang Payr, who also comes from the Alpine Republic, faces the Dakar adventure for the first time.

This also applies to the German Mike Wiedemann. The brothers Stephan and Thomas Preuss from Germany take the desert Saudi Arabia with their KTM motorcycles under the wheels. The Swiss Nicolas Monnin, on the other hand, sets a Honda.

The trucks are some Germans who act above all as assistant vehicles. The Q Motorsport Team, which handles the use of the audi's cars, has reported two trucks. One is driven by Routinier Matthias Behringer, the other of Michael Baumann. For South-Racing Stefan drives a man as a wizard vehicle.

with image material of X-RAID.

Bundesliga Austria: Austria Vienna: New assistant trainer for Manfred Schmid .
The FK Austria Vienna found a new assistant trainer for the Manfred Schmid team. Mark McCormick (42), last head coach of the U18 of the Austria Academy team, immediately pushes to the team and is already in the case of training start. © Provided by SPOX Manfred Schmid, Manuel Ortechner "We already know each other for a long time, were always in exchange," explains Manfred Schmid, who could get his desired candidate with the Scots. He has followed McCormick's development very closely as a coach.

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