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World: 2020: Less expenses for mobility in NRW households

Armin Laschet would like to NRW Prime Minister remained

 Armin Laschet would like to NRW Prime Minister remained To become chancellor to, Laschet had abandoned his post as NRW Country Manager - now he speaks for the first time on the waiver after the election defeat. He also expresses himself to the permanent fehde with CSU boss Söder. © via / imago images / Political Moments Armin Laschet had led the CDU in September to their worst result so far. In the ambition to become Chancellor, he had vacated his office as Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia .

In the first Corona year with the hard lockdown, households in North Rhine-Westphalia have issued less money for mobility. Private households had a monthly 298 euros per month for cars, motorcycles and bus and train and thus almost 20 percent less paid than in the previous year, the Statistical State Office announced on Tuesday in Düsseldorf. In 2019, 371 euros per month were eliminated. The decline was expenses for bus and train as well as for your own car. Expenditure on vacation packages and hotels fell by around half: Away an average of € 133 per month was issued in 2019, so it was only 68 euros in 2020.

Autos stehen im Stau. © Sebastian Gollnow / dpa / symbol image cars are in a traffic jam.

The results are based on records of 1600 households. They were extrapolated at the 8.1 million private households in NRW.

Compensation for Slow Internet Connection: Amendment of the Telecommunications Act strengthens consumer position .
The change in the Telecommunications Act strengthens the position of consumers to Internet service providers. Who pays for a high-speed connection, but only receives a low connection speed, now has an effective pressure medium to its provider. © Provided by Lichtmeister / Many internet users know the problem that they have agreed with their Internet provider a "high speed" connection, but the actual transmission speed is significantly lower.

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