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World: Iranian nuclear: Washington sees "modest" progress in negotiations

Israel PM meets US national security adviser on Iran

  Israel PM meets US national security adviser on Iran US national security adviser Jake Sullivan met Wednesday with Israel's prime minister amid the Jewish state's opposition to efforts to revive the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, before visiting the Palestinian leader for talks. Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett's government has called for a halt to international efforts to revive the accord that saw Iran agree to limits on its nuclear activities in exchange for sanctions relief. Bennett has accused Iran of "nuclear blackmail" and charged that revenue it gained from sanctions relief would be used to acquire weapons to harm Israelis.

  Nucléaire iranien: Washington voit des progrès © AFP

L ES US reported on Tuesday "modest" progress in the negotiations on the Iranian nuclear program, but joined Europeans to insist on "urgency" to conclude discussions about Tehran's nuclear advances.

"We have noticed in recent days that there might have had modest progress in recent discussions," said the spokesman for the US State Department, Ned Price, after the resumption of negotiations. In Vienna to try to save the 2015 Agreement on Iranian nuclear power (whose acronym in English is JCPOA).

"But the parties must seek to rely on these progress in a constructive spirit and with conviction," he added, believing that it was "too early to say if these progress (had) any substance".

Iran seeks assurances as nuclear talks resume

  Iran seeks assurances as nuclear talks resume Iran said nuclear talks that are set to resume Monday in Vienna should focus on lifting sanctions on the Islamic republic and "guarantees" the US will return to the fold. Negotiations to salvage the 2015 Iran nuclear deal resumed in late November, after a five-month hiatus following the election of ultraconservative Iran President Ebrahim Raisi. The talks seek to bring back the United States, after it withdrew from the accord in 2018 under president Donald Trump and began imposing sanctions on Iran.Iran has reported progress in the talks, but European diplomats have warned they are "rapidly reaching the end of the road".

This progress is whatever happens "far too slow" and "it can not last," prosecuted the spokesman. "It will soon be too late to return to the mutual respect of the JCPOA".

The negotiators of the three European countries ( France , Germany , United Kingdom ) Signatories of the agreement also stressed that this negotiation was "urgent".

"It is clear that we are approaching the point where Iran's nuclear climbing will have emptied the JCPOA of its substance," they noted, reiterating that it remained "weeks and not months to conclude an agreement".

In particular, they insisted on the level of uranium enrichment by the Iran , which is hazardously closer to the nuclear threshold, even if Tehran said Saturday does not intend to enrich beyond 60% In case of failure of the negotiations in Vienna.

Iranian Lead 1-Nuclear-Iran and Russia are optimistic about

 Iranian Lead 1-Nuclear-Iran and Russia are optimistic about Iran-Nuclear / (Lead 1, Photo) discussions: Iranian Lead 1-nuclear-Iran and Russia are optimistic about the discussions (updated with statement by the head of the Russian delegation, context) Dubai, 28 December (Reuters) - Iran and Russia expressed on Tuesday of their optimism about the advancement of the discussions in Vienna, Austria, to attempt Save the 2015 agreement on Iranian nuclear power.

"We take note of the commentary of the head of the Iranian Atomic Energy Organization that Iran will not enclose more than 60%," they said.


"It remains unricars to 60% is unprecedented for a non-nuclear weapon", they added.

"The increase in 60% uranium stocks brings Iran significantly from obtaining the fissile material that can be used for the manufacture of a nuclear weapon," they hammered.

The challenge of the talks aims to bring back to the Covenant the United States, which left it in 2018, and to bring Tehran back to respect for its commitments, broken in response to the recovery of American sanctions.

Iran announced in April to have started producing 60% enriched uranium, well beyond the 3.67% threshold fixed by the International Agreement, which is closer to the 90% necessary for the making. an atomic bomb even if he denies having such a project.

Iran announces new space launch amid nuclear talks

  Iran announces new space launch amid nuclear talks Iran announced Thursday it has carried out a new space launch, in a move likely to irk Western powers amid tough talks on reviving a 2015 nuclear deal. Iran's declared new space launch comes amid talks underway in Vienna between the Islamic republic and world powers to restore the 2015 nuclear agreement. The deal offered Tehran much-needed relief from sanctions and curtailed Iran's nuclear activities.But the unilateral withdrawal by then-US president Donald Trump derailed the deal, and prompted Tehran to walk back on its commitments under it.Talks to revive it began in late November, with an eighth round getting underway Monday.

In addition to the three European countries, China and Russia are also involved in negotiating with Iran. The United States participate indirectly.

The coordinator of the European Union (EU) Enrique Mora, who chairs the talks, said Monday that all parties had shown "a clear willingness to work on the success of this negotiation" but predicts still "very difficult discussions" In the "days and weeks to come".

The Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, cited by the official IRNA news agency, said on Tuesday that the negotiations were "on the right track".

"With the goodwill and seriousness of the other parties, we can hope (reach) an agreement in the near future," he said.

According to the Permanent Representative of Russia with international organizations in Vienna, Mikhail Oulianov, the Working Group on Nuclear Issues had "a useful meeting" Tuesday.

"We observe undeniable progress," he said on Twitter. The lifting of sanctions is also "actively discussed" informally, he added.

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