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The Steve Bannon Problem Isn’t Going Away for Joe Biden

  The Steve Bannon Problem Isn’t Going Away for Joe Biden Right-wing provocateur Steve Bannon is going full-steam ahead with a plan to turn his criminal case into a one-man reconnaissance mission involving the White House, the Justice Department, and the Jan. 6 Committee, where he hopes to find anything that’ll smear Democrats who’ve come after him. Earlier this month, The Daily Beast laid out Bannon’s strategy to find any evidence that this is merely a political prosecution, or—as some have commented—generate enough suspicion to besmirch the whole thing. The DOJ cast the strategy as an underhanded ploy to harm the Jan.

Xi Jinping et Vladimir Poutine, deux leaders mondiaux portés par des régimes autoritaires. © Reuters Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin, two world leaders carried by authoritarian regimes.

China and Russia on one side, United States of the other. For Philip the Corre, researcher, Harvard Kennedy School and Essec-Irene, more than ever, the debate will continue in 2022 between the authoritarian regimes and the other democracies, which will have to try once again to do proof of harmony.

Those who were expected of 2021 a rebalancing for an alliance of democracies against the China and the Russia were for their costs. The election of Joe Biden at the White House had brought a new life to the Democrats - from New York to Berlin - but it was not enough to create a sufficiently momentum, despite the virtual summit of democracies organized in December.

at the one: Omicron "Takes the White House at the Dannish"

 at the one: Omicron © Mandel NGAN / AFP Facing the Omicron Wave, Joe Biden has promised the free provision of 500 million screening autototes in the coming weeks. Faced with the recrudescence of new cases of Covid-19 on Christmas Eve, President Joe Biden has promised the Americans that he would make available to them 500 million screening autototes. But it will still be necessary to wait at least several weeks, warns the New York Times . The Omicron variant "took the White House with deprived".

At the same time, Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin are carried by authoritarian regimes that they continue to strengthen to establish their power more. In 2022, XI will be confirmed at the head of the Chinese Communist Party (CPC) for at least five additional years, however that Putin - in power since 1999 - prepares without worrying the next election deadlines: for twenty-two years, no ballot Did not him really unfavorable ... But what kind of elections are he? At least, the Chinese system does not embark on this kind of artifice. It is the CPC that controls the country, the army, the provinces, state-owned enterprises, and its leaders are selected according to criteria on the opposite of Western democracies.

Difficult moments for biden?

Ukraine: biden and poutine advocate "diplomacy" and "dialogue" before their maintenance

 Ukraine: biden and poutine advocate © AFP The American and Russian presidents said, at a few hours of an interview Thursday, their willingness to dialogue to solve deep tension Russian-Western, on the background of fear of a Russian invasion of Ukraine. Joe Biden intends, according to the White House, a "diplomatic channel" to get out of the crisis during their phone call, the second in less than a month.

As for Biden, who will celebrate 80 years in 2022, he could live difficult moments in the fall in the mid-term elections at the Congress. With a short majority in the Senate (51%, and again, only when Vice President Kamala Harris may exercise his vote) and even in the House of Representatives where they have only 8 seats in advance, the Democrats could well lose Capitol Hill, which would partly compromise the biden presidency. The president himself saw his popularity crumble, around 42% currently. Some cruel commentators are already beginning to suggest that it should announce its retirement soon to give way to other democratic candidates. But in politics, nothing is ever written in advance. The Trump clan, who dreams of falling again, may well be hit hard by the Inquiry Committee on the events of January 2021 - which seriously taught the last days of the Republican administration.

Ukraine: Biden warned Putin against the "price to pay" for an invasion

 Ukraine: Biden warned Putin against the Ukraine-crisis-USA: Ukraine: biden warned Putin against the "price to pay" for an invasion © Reuters / Handout Ukraine: Biden warned Putin against the "price to pay" for an invasion Wilmington, Delaware (Reuters) - US President Joe Biden said Friday having indicated to his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin that, if Russia came to Deciding to invade Ukraine, the United States would respond by instructing sanctions and strengthening their presence in Europe.

Xi Jinping, imperial power?

As for Xi Jinping, its power may not be so imperial that it suggested it: the choice of the party management will be, in the coming months, determining for the future of its mandate. And let's not forget that the situation in China has rarely been so deleterious: decreasing economic growth, demographics at the Bern, "zero covid" policy that arouses the IRE of foreign companies, not to mention the Olympic Winter Games to be held. In Beijing in February in the presence of Putin ... but in the absence of representatives of the United States, Canada, Japan and the United Kingdom in particular. Even if the show - first and foremost for Chinese - will reflect the usual organizational prowess (as in 2008 during the summer Olympics), it is a camouflet for the diet.

It can not be denied that the capital of sympathy enjoyed by China until 2018 has fallen sharply in international public views. After a very black Trump period for his image and an exit from Calamitous Afghanistan, America has recovered a little recovered for a year: 61% of positive opinions, compared to 27% of positive opinions for China (1) . More than ever, the debate will continue between the authoritarian regimes - taken by Beijing and Moscow - and on the other the democracies, which will have to try again to show harmony.

(1) Pew Research Center, comparative study on the image of the United States and China; published in June 2021.

How Biden’s Little Lies Help Prop Up Trump’s Big One .
Joe Biden was famous for delivering eulogies long before he was elected president, so it should not come as a surprise that in his remarks to the nation to memorialize the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol and our system of elections, he spoke more about the past tense—of a “former president” and a “failed” attempt to overthrow democracy—than about the very real, very urgent threats facing the nation today. It’s easy and convenient to isolate the images, violence and memories of Jan. 6, to remove them from their ongoing context and package them into produced speeches or television segments that look back.

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