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World: South America, Vaccination Champion

German Ethicratus recommends general corona vaccination in

 German Ethicratus recommends general corona vaccination in Berlin. Freedom, solidarity, self-determination: ethical principles and legal concerns have been incorporated into the decision of the German ethics council to pronounce themselves for general vaccinations - with gradations. © Wolfgang Kumm Splash with Corona vaccine from BionTech (symbol photo). The German Ethics Council is for the introduction of a general corona vaccination obligation.

Un centre de vaccination à Medellin, en Colombie, le 14 décembre 2021. © Joaquín Sarmiento, AFP A Vaccination Center in Medellin, Colombia, December 14, 2021.

After having experienced fruitful mortality rates in the first months of the pandemic South America has put in place an effective vaccination policy. At the point of appearing, according to the data of the website Our World in date, at the top of the most vaccinated regions in the world.

with a total of 63.3% of the population having followed a complete vaccination scheme against CVIV-19, the South America has become, according to data disseminated on Monday, December 27, a leading region in vaccination against this epidemic that strikes the whole planet. Europe occupies second place with 60.70%. Conversely, the figure reaches only 8.8% for Africa.

Djokovic's Aus Open status in serious doubt

  Djokovic's Aus Open status in serious doubt Novak Djokovic's participation at the upcoming Australian Open appears in doubt after pulling out of a major warm-up tournament.According to Serbian newspaper Blic, Djokovic has opted to skip the ATP Cup, which is scheduled to be held from January 1-9 in Sydney.

The Our World in Data, site that collects COVID-19 data from the world's health authorities, recalls that contamination and mortality rates have fallen sharply in comparison with those recorded mid-2021. At that time, Latin America - which extends from Mexico to Patagonia - and the Caribbean totaled nearly half of cases and deaths identified on the entire globe.

The summer conditions currently facing South American countries, which account for about 422 million inhabitants, participate in the net improvement found in the last five months. But this one holds mainly to the rapid establishment of vaccination campaigns.

Video: Omicron Variant: Lower Hospitalization Rate (France 24)

Your Browser Does Not Support This speed of execution can be explained by different factors. Paulo Lotufo, Brazilian epidemiologist and professor of the University of Sao Paolo, believes that decades of immunization against diseases such as smallpox, meningitis, poliomyelitis and measles have laid the groundwork for a mass vaccination infrastructure and Created a climate of trust near most of the inhabitants. In some important cities, including Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paolo, more than 99% of the adult population received at least one dose of coronavirus vaccine. Local authorities emphasize that Brazil, terribly affected in 2020, has a "culture of the vaccine". And this situation would explain the first place of the region in front of Europe, which offers easier access to vaccination.

Chile, first of class

Corona pandemic, with 30 million doses in Germany inoculated - government needs 80 percent target still collect

 Corona pandemic, with 30 million doses in Germany inoculated - government needs 80 percent target still collect A few days ago it was said that until January 7, 80 percent of citizens should be vaccinated once at least. The goal must already move Scholz already. © dpa The Federal Government has achieved its goal to inoculate 30 million doses by year's end. But these were mainly booster vaccinations. Olaf Scholz (SPD) like sets ambitious target for the vaccination campaign. But this time the Chancellor has made a little too much.

despite these good results, the region is still far from exiting the health crisis. On the one hand because the rate of 63.3% remains well below the 80% advanced goal by many scientists to achieve collective immunity. And on the other hand because the disparities remain strong between the countries of the US subcontinent. While chili cakes in the lead with a rate of 85.78% completely vaccinated people, Bolivia displays for example a result of 38.31%. In Ecuador,

where funeral services had quickly found saturated after the beginning of the epidemic

, the figure reaches 70.27%, two points in France (72.90%).

Another concern concerns, according to epidemiologists, the type of vaccines used. In countries like Uruguay or Brazil, the authorities, initially, above all supported Chinese vaccines that are less effective in the virus than those of Pfizer / Biontech or Moderna. And as the rest of the world, South America must now learn to manage a new threat with the wave of the qualified Omicron variant of "tsunami" by Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the Director General of the World Health Organization.

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No vax Djokovic visa denial unfair: lawyer .
A lawyer for tennis ace Novak Djokovic says the global star met Australia's criteria for a COVID vaccination exemption and has been denied procedural fairness.The 34-year-old Serb on Sunday remained in immigration detention in Melbourne after having his visa cancelled by the federal government.

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