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London: Big Ben will sound for the New Year, a few months before the end of his restoration

 London: Big Ben will sound for the New Year, a few months before the end of his restoration in the restoration since 2017, the famous 13.7 ton bell will ring the traditional 12 thunderstalls to mark the entrance into 2022 © SIPA Big Ben is in renovation work since 2017. Ding-dong - in catering since 2017, the famous 13.7 tonne bell will ring the traditional 12 three shots to mark the entrance into 2022 Big Ben, nickname given At the huge bell of the Tour Elizabeth of the British Parliament, at London , will come out of its silence for the new year , a few months before finding its ori

Munich - Who at "YouTube" searches for highlights by Jordan Davis, jumping a video titled "Godzilla". A nearly six-minute clip assembly of the defensive tackle of the Georgia Bulldogs. Davis pushes offensive liner such as toy cars, swallowed Running Backs and throws quarterbacks like wet sacks to the ground.

Jordan Davis © Getty Images Jordan Davis

How "Godzilla" leaves Davis's devastation behind. And will be rewarded for this: this season he received both the award to the best defensive player in college and the award to the best interior lineman in college.

in the semifinals of college football playoffs against the Michigan Wolverines ( Live, at night from Friday to Saturday from 1:30 am on ProSieben Maxx and ) it will also arrive at Davis, the bulldogs want to move into the final.

Roxane (France 3): How did the director have had the idea of ​​this funny story that mixes poetry and gallinacea

 Roxane (France 3): How did the director have had the idea of ​​this funny story that mixes poetry and gallinacea © Quad / TF1 Studio / France 3 cinema / Productions Jouror / Section 9 / Mitico Roxane (France 3): How did the director have had the idea of ​​this funny story that mixes poetry and gallinaceae in the Roxane comedy, broadcast for the first time in light tonight at 21:05 on France 3, Guillaume de Tonquedec camps a farmer Close to one of his chickens, and who declaims to his poultry from the Cyrano de Bergerac. A funny scenario idea that the director had following a personal experience.

"becomes a difficult task"

"against Michigan will make it a serious task. You have a very physical team, because our front Seven must play big," Davis said in the run-up to the game. Large playing for Davis should not be a problem. The defensive tackle measures two meters and 150 kilograms.

and yet: the flickness and suppleness, with which he tackles around offensive liner, almost reminiscent of a ballerina. At the same time, he also has the power and strength to win with Bull Rushes and prevent the opposing running game.

Jordan Davis Shutting Down Both A Gaps in The Run Game, Crosses The Centers Face and Makes The Play at the Line. Monster Against The Run.

- Derrick (@steelers_db) December 4, 2021

This season he sets 14 tackles and collected two sacks. However, the performance of Davis can not be measured on a statistical sheet.

Gold Prize: Relatively quiet trade for weekly start

 Gold Prize: Relatively quiet trade for weekly start For quiet trading, crisis protection gold is not changing after Christmas holidays. by Jörg Bernhard While slightly declining US- returns speak for the yellow noble metal, the attractive dollar compensates for this advantage. In the coming trading days, the trade is likely to be relatively illiquid and therefore prone to breakouts in one or the other direction.

Davis a "non-movable object"

Kirby Smart, Head Coach of the Bulldogs, emphasized on a press conference the importance of his defensive liner: "Jordan (Davis) is a non-movable object. It allows us to play different Coverages. Because he So good in the traffic defense, I can set up more players for the Secondary at certain PLAYS. "

At the same time, Davis became an option in the offense: as running back in the redzone. Against the Charleston Southern Buccaneers he rammed for a one-yard touchdown run into the end zone.

Georgia Dl Jordan Davis with the Touchdown Run. HEISMAN moment.

- Barrett Sallee (@Barrettsallee) November 20, 2021

Because despite its size and weight, he brings a certain speed. With a turn, where he reared the ball carrier, he reached a top speed of just under 30 km / h. For comparison: Jonathan Taylor, Running Back The Indianapolis Colts, keeps the highest value in this season in the NFL with a 36 km / h run.

How many people now live in your area (in metropolitan and DOM)?

 How many people now live in your area (in metropolitan and DOM)? INSEE has just published its latest census of the population. According to these figures, the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes is the second most populous region (in metropolitan France and DOMs) and Guyana is at the bottom of the ranking. © iStock The population in French regions. 66 988 403 people live in France (excluding Mayotte), including 65,096,403 in metropolitan France. This is the very official number published this week by the National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (INSEE).

Difficult Matchup

Also next to the field Davis ensures positive headlines. Kirby Smart described the defensive liner as a "mood cannon" of the team. He convince with his humor, but also with his selfless performance in the field.

What Cant This Guy do

- PFF College Football (@PFF_College) November 20, 2021

against Michigan Davis and his teammates have to lead to the highest form. The team of Head Coach Jim Harbaugh added only ten sacks in 13 lots this year.

Since the initial filming of "Godzilla", almost 40 more films were filmed, maybe in the night from Friday to Saturday, another:

"Godzilla" vs. Michigans O-Line.

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because of explosion in Jidda: France for termination of the Rally Dakar .
© Audi With six stages half of the rally Dakar completed in Saudi Arabia France's anti-terrorist authority has recorded investigations on the explosion, which shortly before New Year's Eve near a hotel in Jedda has happened. With Philippe Boulon, a participant of the Rally Dakar was heavily injured and had to be necessary. Meanwhile, Boultron is located in France in a military hospital near Paris. He woke up again from artificial coma.

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