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World: The President of Kazakhstan decrees the state of emergency after manifestations

military delivers battles with demonstrators in Kazakhstan

 military delivers battles with demonstrators in Kazakhstan Almaty. Nationwide protests against high gas prices have triggered a heavy political crisis in Kazakhstan in Central Asia. Now the city of Almaty has been used military against demonstrators. President Tokajew asks abroad for help. © Vladimir TRETYAKOV The police are in Almaty against demonstrators. After violent riots in Kazakhstan in Central Asia, the military has fallen.

  Le président du Kazakhstan décrète l'état d'urgence après des manifestations © AFP

L E President of the Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev decreed on Tuesday the state of emergency in Almaty and in a petroleum region at the Following demonstrations against rising gas prices.

A Almaty (South-East), the economic capital of this country of Central Asia, the police used deafening grenades and tear gas to disperse a manifestation against rising gas prices that had collected several thousand people. .

President Tokayev decreed the state of emergency in Almaty and the province of Mangystau from January 5th and until January 19, specifies the website of the Presidency. A curfew will be introduced from 23:00 to 07:00.

Kazakhstan. The regime chooses the proof of strength and ramves the great Russian brother

 Kazakhstan. The regime chooses the proof of strength and ramves the great Russian brother © EPA / MAXPPP The Kazakh security forces have been exceeded by the virulence of the protesters. Hence the use of Russian forces and OTSC. EPA-EFE / STR Russian troops and Moscow allied countries unfold to help the regime restore order to Kazakhstan where riots exploded in the outbreak of fuel prices. At the time for Moscow ... The Kremlin had called, Wednesday, January 5, 2022, to solve the crisis in Kazakhstan through dialogue and not by street riots and the violation of the laws.

he had previously called at the end of the demonstrations in a video put online. "Do not respond to provocations from abroad and from the country. Do not answer the calls to storm official buildings. It is a crime for which you would be punished," said the head of The 68-year-old, which has been governing the country since 2019.

This event, in an authoritarian country where this type of rally is rare, follows an anger movement that has erupted in several cities since Sunday.

Two journalists from the

AFP , who saw Tuesday the font shots to disperse the crowd in Almaty, counted at least 5,000 participants in this event. Popular WhatsApp, Telegram and Signal messaging were inaccessible in the night.

demonstrators were attacking vehicles, including a fire truck. Several protesters and police trainees were hospitalized for what appeared to be slight injury, according to AFP.

What is OTSC, the military alliance that allows Russia to intervene in Kazakhstan?

 What is OTSC, the military alliance that allows Russia to intervene in Kazakhstan? © Via Reuters - Collective Security Treaty Organ Russian paratroopers board for Kazakhstan on a military base near Moscow, January 6, 2022. Since Thursday, Russian troops are hurried to Kazakhstan at the request of the Government of Kazakhstan. Framework of the OTSC Defense Mechanism, the Organization of the Collective Safety Treaty, a kind of "mini-NATO" under Russian influence. Explanations.

The movement of anger began on Sunday, after an increase in liquefied natural gas prices (LNG), in the city of Janaozen, in the west of this country rich in natural resources, before spreading to the large regional city of Aktau, on the banks of the Caspian Sea.

Tuesday night, the authorities had attempted to calm the situation by granting a reduction in the price of LNG, setting it to 50 tengins (0.1 euro) the liter in the region, against 120 at the beginning of the year.

Justifying this regional concession, Mr. Tokayev assured

Twitter that it was "to ensure stability in the country". Economy in difficulty

This promise has not resulted in the dispersion of the protesters, which required to speak to the President. The local media showed images of thousands of them encircled by the police.

Mr. Tokayev had parallel to a government commission, including members of his services, "started working" in Aktau.

Kazakhstan: The President, supported by Moscow, orders to "shoot to kill" the rioters

 Kazakhstan: The President, supported by Moscow, orders to © Valery Ax A soldier in the streets of Almaty, the main street of Kazakhstan. AFP / Alexandr Bogdanov Suppress, in defiance of human lives. On Friday, the President of the Kazakhstan authorized the security forces to "shoot to kill" in order to stifle any riot in the country, which plunges into the civil war. With the support of Russian President Vladimir Putin, whom he has "especially thanked" in a recent television speech, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev excluded to negotiate with the protesters.

"The Commission has to find a mutually acceptable solution to the problem raised in the interest of the stability of the country," he said.

He nevertheless warned against "disorders to public order", calling the protesters to "show responsibility and willingness to dialogue".

Janaozen has been the scene of the most murderers who have shaken Kazakhstan since its independence from the USSR in 1991. In 2011, at least 14 workers from an oil site had been killed when the police had repressed a demonstration. against working conditions and wages.

The Mangystau region, where the city of Janaozen is located, depends on the LNG as the main source of fuel for cars and any increase in its price resulting from food products, already on the rise since the beginning of the pandemic of Coronavirus.

Mr. Tokayev, in power since 2019, was chosen as successor by the Nursultan Nazarbayev, 81-year-old Historic Manager, who led Kazakhstan for 30 years from 1989 and retains an influence.

Khazakstan, the first economy of Central Asia accustomed to two-digit growth, suffers from lower oil prices and the economic crisis in

Russia , which led to the devaluation of Tenge Kazakh. and a strong inflation.

05/01/2022 01:55:28 - Almaty (Kazakhstan) - © 2022 AFP

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