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World: conclusion with Krypto: Kosovo prohibits mining due to electricity crisis

2022 will be the last year of nuclear power in Germany

 2022 will be the last year of nuclear power in Germany © Lukas Barth / Reuters The last six reactors still active will be definitively stopped on December 31, 2022. Three reactors will be stopped this Friday 31 December 2021, the last three will follow, a year later. The new German government endorses the end of the atom, despite oppositions. discussed for decades and endorsed after the Fukushima disaster in 2011 by atomic law, the exit of nuclear nuclear is concretized in Germany : the last six reactors, a powerful net of 8.1 gigawatts, Permanentl

in Kosovo has been a ban on Krypto currencies since Tuesday. This is intended to contain the rising power consumption that has been sliding the country in the worst energy crisis for ten years.

Stromkrise im Kosovo beendet Krytomining. © Duxx / Shutterstock Electric crisis in Kosovo ends Krytomin.

Economic and Energy Minister Artan Rizvanolli makes serious: All authorities of the country are called to cooperate to make the Kryptomining the Garaus. It should be actively searched for locations, so as if necessary with compulsion.

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RWE switches three lignite plants at the end of the year from

 RWE switches three lignite plants at the end of the year from The RWE electricity group switches to the turn of the year next to the block C of the nuclear power plant Grundremmingen also three lignite plants in the Rheinische Revier. © Fabian Strap / DPA In the period from 2020 to 2022, RWE does not set up power plants with a total output of more than 7,000 megawatts. shut down the 300 megawatt blocks Neurath B, Niederauschem C and Weisweiler E, the Group announced.

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emergency: Electric crisis requires action

To the step, the land is forced because the favorable electricity prices in the past had caught up Kryptominer, who could pour in Kosovo with significant profit expectations. In turn, under the population, a trend had also grown under the population to participate in the lucrative impact of digital assets.

After resulting in precipitates of coal-fired power plants and the state had to import more and more electricity to ever higher prices, the government had made power shutdowns in a first step. In December, the date of exception was imposed for a period of initially 60 days. This statutory emergency allows the government to provide no problem with more money for energy imports to make further power cuts and take over harder measures.

Germany to close nuclear reactors despite energy crisis

  Germany to close nuclear reactors despite energy crisis Germany will shut down three nuclear power plants on Friday even as Europe faces one of its worst ever energy crises, following Angela Merkel's timetable for phasing out atomic energy. Germany is planning to completely wind down atomic energy by the end of 2022, when it will shut its final three plants in Neckarwestheim, Essenbach and Emsland. But with energy prices soaring across Europe, the timing of the plans coming to fruition could hardly be worse. Europe's reference gas price, Dutch TTF, hit 187.78 euros per megawatt hour in December -- 10 times higher than at the start of the year -- and electricity prices are also soaring.

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electricity predominantly From lignite, mining extremely lucrative

The southern European country with its 1.8 million inhabitants now imports more than 40 percent of energy from abroad. The demand in winter is once again significantly higher, because in Kosovo is mainly heated with electricity. The energy produced in Germany dates 90 percent from the combustion of the lignite as particularly environmentally harmful lignite. This will not change that quickly, because the Kosovo has a volume of 12 to 14 billion tons over the fifth largest brown charcoal reserves in the world.

Among Miners, the small country was so far popular. As a small miner compared to Reuters, he can attract more than 2,400 euros to profit from the cryptomining of his 40 GPU with an energy costing of around 170 euros per month. The facts should affect the fact that in the north of Kosovo, SERBEN, many of which do not recognize Kosovo as a state and therefore do not want to pay their electricity bills. This should take advantage of the miner to operate their businesses especially from the north of the country.

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