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World: with Omicron, fewer resuscitation patients, and less stays at

Coronavirus in Brittany: Transfers of patients from other regions accelerate

 Coronavirus in Brittany: Transfers of patients from other regions accelerate Two patients in resuscitation at the Bastia hospital center will be supported at Brest CHU © Pascal Pochar-Casabiana / AFP The two patients left Bastia Airport this Wednesday to reach that of Brest. SOLIDARITY - Two patients in resuscitation at the Bastia hospital center will be supported at the Brest CHU less affected than other regions by the epidemic of Coronavirus in previous waves, Brittany had hosted patients who came Other regions.

Hospital if it is much more contagious than the delta variant, Omicron causes less symptoms of respiratory distress and therefore sends fewer patients in services critical care.

Une patiente atteint du Covid-19 est allongée à l'hopital Pasteur à Colmar, dans l'est de la France, le 22 avril 2021 © Bozon A patient with COVID-19 is elongated at the Hospital Pasteur in Colmar, in eastern France, April 22, 2021

the first estimates of OMICRON and intensive care passages seem to be confirmed with time. Patients with COVID-19 remain shorter in the hospital and are less sent in resuscitation when they are infected with a variant detected in November in South Africa, which has become large majority in France in recent weeks, reported on Monday the Minister of the Health, Olivier Véran. Compared to its predecessors, Omicron "gives less respiratory distress, so it sends less patients in resuscitation," the minister said at a hearing before senators.

America’s COVID Rules Are a Dumpster Fire

  America’s COVID Rules Are a Dumpster Fire If you’re confused by the CDC's new isolation guidelines, you’re not the only one.Okay, sorry, that’s overly simplistic. Here’s the slightly longer version: You can leave isolation after five days, without a negative test, if you’re not severely sick; you’re not immunocompromised; you’re not in a correctional facility, in a homeless shelter, or on a cruise ship; and you feel that your symptoms are mostly gone, if you had any at all.

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hospital appeared late 2021, Omicron caused an explosion of COVID cases in France, as in many other countries, because of a much higher contagiousness than the previous incarnations of the virus. But it is also clearly less dangerous, although it is still difficult to determine with certainty why - this variant confronting populations already vaccinated or infected, and therefore partially protected - and to what extent that specity will offset the explosion Cases.

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Public Assistance-Hospitals of Paris (AP-HP) has studied the share of Variant Delta and Omicron Variant in the new hospitalized patients in its services for COVID-19 On 1 December and 4 January in critical care and conventional hospitalization. These data concern 3112 patients: 491 hospitalized critical care patients and 2621 patients supported in conventional hospitalization.

New year, new mask: Why you should start wearing N95s

  New year, new mask: Why you should start wearing N95s Cloth masks won’t cut it against omicron.Masking best practices have changed since the beginning of the pandemic, and confusion still abounds about which mask to wear and in what circumstances. However, medical experts are in agreement: Masks are a crucial component in stopping the spread of all variants of Covid-19, and the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH)-approved N95 respirator is still the most effective mask on the market.

fewer hospital stays, fewer serious cases

"Omicron infected patients remain very minority in critical care, with, on average on the last week of 2021, about 19% daily entrants with Omicron in critical care and 54% in conventional hospitalization, "then confirm in a statement published Monday the Paris hospitals.

On the graphs below, the red corresponds to the Omicron variant, the blue to the delta variant, and the green is used for the positive patients for which the variant could not be determined.

Moreover, their study confirms that stays are less long at the hospital when patients are infected with the discovered variant in South Africa. "For patients in conventional hospitalization, short-term stays account for 19% of Delta-infected incoming patients and 43% for incoming patients infected with Omicron", continues the AP-HP.

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thus, "for this patient population, and for the period studied, the probability of using critical care (either directly or after a conventional hospitalization) is three times higher in patients infected with the Variant delta only by the Omicron variant, "says the study.

Omicron, "A simple cold"? Gérald Kierzek explains why do not worry about

 Omicron, © IBO / SIPA Omicron, "a simple cold"? Gérald Kierzek explains why we must not worry in a shared video on Twitter on Tuesday, January 11, Gérald Kierzek attempted to reassure the French about the Omicron variant. Live emergencies, the emergency physician detailed the symptoms, rather light according to his words, of this very contagious variant. in the image of his colleague Martin Blachier, Gérald Kierzek chose reassure the French rather than alarm.

Omicron still causes "fairly strong influenza syndromes" and causes, as previous versions of the virus, "a significant increase in hospitalizations", warned Olivier Véran, with serious and even lethal forms. But "we know with sufficiently step back now (that the stays are) shorter than with the previous variants," he noted, noticing that odron seems rather affecting the upper parts of the respiratory tract (and therefore touch less the lungs that other variants). Patients hospitalized "will have three-four-day oxygen requirements and (...) Then will be able to go out," detailed the minister.

The duration of Covid hospitalizations is a crucial issue to measure how much the health system may be saturated while the wave of Omicron does not give for the time not a sign of accalmia in France. On this plan, Olivier Véran refrained from advancing on the date of a potential peak but noted that encouraging signs from the United Kingdom, where Omicron spread before France. "In the London region, where he struck first, he dropped," said the minister asked also South Africa, one of the first countries where Omicron was spotted, and where the wave related to the variant seems now passed.

CASTEX will unveil at 19 hours the Sanitary Restrictions Lightening Schedule .
© Copyright 2021, Obs when a return to normal in France? If the health situation is still very fragile for announcing a complete lifting of restrictions, Emmanuel Macron wished to establish, at the Health Council on this Thursday, 20 January, a lightening agenda. The latter will be announced at a press conference by Prime Minister Jean Castex, at 7 pm, which will also participate in the Minister of Health Olivier Véran.

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