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World: Libya: More than 600 migrants arrested in Tripoli

more than 4,000 dead or missing migrants by attempting to join Spain in 2021, according to an NGO

 more than 4,000 dead or missing migrants by attempting to join Spain in 2021, according to an NGO © Antonio Sempere Employees of the funeral pumps bear the body of a migrant on the beach of the Spanish enclave of Ceuta, May 20, 2021 More than 4,000 migrants died or disappeared last year when crossing them at sea to Spain, twice as much as in 2020, according to a balance sheet published Monday by the NGO Caminando Fronteras.

Des migrants dans le centre de détention d'Ain Zara, à Tripoli, le 12 octobre 2021. © Reuters - Hazem Ahmed Migrants in the detention center of Ain Zara, in Tripoli, October 12, 2021.

Two NGOs are worried after arrest, this Monday, January 10, 2022, some 600 migrants in Tripoli. They had campaigned since October 2021 in front of the Offices of the Office of the Refugee Office and were part of a group of 2,000 people rolled up at a raid and placed in a retention center.

These migrants remained in front of the UNHCR premises in Tripoli , despite the closure of this center last month. The police had asked them to leave the places which had pushed a first group of 200 people to leave the premises. The 600 who remained have, for their part, been embarked on buses towards the official retention center of Ain Zara.

record of crossings of the handle by migrants in 2021

 record of crossings of the handle by migrants in 2021 © Valery Hache A ship of the National Rescue Company at sea (SNSM) helps with migrants aboard a boat. AFP / SNSM The perilous crossed by the handle by dreamed migrants of England reached a record number in 2021, more than 28,000 people, a phenomenon in full explosion that poisons relations between London and Paris.

"We are alarmed by the detention of hundreds of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers, including women and children," said Dax Roque of the Norwegian Council for Refugees (NRCs) in a statement. The humanitarian organization, citing witnesses on the spot, said that the evacuation operation conducted early Monday was "muscular" and that the tents and shelters of fortune of the migrants had been burned before this center that UNHCR closed in December in December . "Our medical teams rescued people injured during the arrests of this morning, including a person injured," said Thomas Garofalo, Director for the Libya of the International Rescue Committee (IRC), cited in the same communicated.

The two NGOs call on the Libyan authorities to "immediately release detainees and protect them from new violence". Indeed, the situation has only worsened since last year in retention centers where deplorable conditions have been denounced by the UN and NGOs to multiple occasions.

According to UNHCR, some of these migrants campaided here to request their evacuation. In 2021, only 1,600 people were evacuated from Libya. Joint by phone, Jean-Paul Cavalieri, the head of the UNHCR mission in Libya, says his organization has helped between 2 and 3% of these migrants to settle in Libya with papers and a job. An effort that, according to him, "requires a lot of time".

Hundreds of migrants demonstrated at Mexico .
victims of extortion or kidnapping, they ask the authorities to be able to transit for free to Mexico to travel to the United States. View on euronews © photo they were hundreds to mobilize at tapachula in southern Mexico. These migrants require that the authorities allow them to transit freely by the country so that they can go to the United States. They warned that they would launch the first Caravan of 2022 migrants if they did not have an immediate government response.

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