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World: Canada: Influencers create controversy by organizing their New Year's evening in an

Canada: More than $ 34 billion to compensate Aboriginal people withdrawn from their family

 Canada: More than $ 34 billion to compensate Aboriginal people withdrawn from their family © AD / Adrian Wyld Justin Trudeau surrounded by indigenous survivors, in the preamble of the first national day of truth and reconciliation, September 29, 2021 Ottawa. The Canadian government has agreed with representatives of Aboriginal communities to pay financial compensation for children withdrawn from their families since 1991. Tens of thousands of minors have been placed outside their community since the 1990s, fault. Children's services available on site.

aircraft while Canadians were confined to the New Year, influencers were partying on a plane to Mexico

Illustration d'un avion dans le ciel. © Allili Mourad Illustration of a plane in the sky. Pandemie - While Canadians were confined to the New Year, influencers were partying on a plane to Mexico

it's an evening that has trouble passing. To celebrate the New Year , a group of influencing and personalities of Canadian reality found on a plane to party, direction Cancun ( Mexico ), reports FranceInfo . On the images broadcast on social networks, we see them dancing, drinking, smoking, all without a mask.

For their part, the Canadiens were confined to at home and did not have the right to reveal to several to limit the spread of the Omicron variant. The images have raised great controversy and caused the anger of Justin Trudeau , the Prime Minister. "When a gang of without designs [a band of idiots] decides to leave as Ostrogoths on vacation, it is extremely frustrating and demoralizing," he said.

Canada approved reparations – the US can be next

  Canada approved reparations – the US can be next The American case for reparations can draw encouragement and examples from Canada. The multibillion-dollar sum allocated in Canada comes after years of increasingly large awards and settlements across the country. An earlier settlement reached in 2006 obligated the federal government and the Catholic Church to pay compensation to victims of the residential schools’ system.

big fine and loss of employment

for some participants in this party, returning to Canada has been difficult, adds rtl . Some remained blocked several days in Mexico because no airline wanted to ship them. Others paid the equivalent of 500,000 euros fine or even lost their jobs.

At the same time, Canada decided to tighten the screw against non-vaccinated. As early as January 18, they will not be able to buy alcohol or cannabis , over-the-counter in this country, without showing their vaccinal passport. The measurement could be extended to other businesses.

"We will make sure they understand very well that, if they do not want to be vaccinated, they stay at home," said Christian Dubé, the Quebec Minister of Health. And the government even went further: people who lose their jobs as they are not vaccinated will no longer be able to receive unemployment allocation. According to him, it is a matter of responsibility.

Mondecoronavirus in Canada: Quebec prohibits access to alcohol and cannabis stores to non-vaccinated Mondecanada: historical indemnification of Aboriginal children and their families discriminated with child protection services

Baby among four found dead along US-Canada border .
Four bodies found in freezing conditions along the US-Canada border after apparently being abandoned by human smugglers.Officials on Thursday said the bodies of two adults and a baby were discovered a day earlier by the US border and about 10km (6 miles) from the town of Emerson in Canada’s central Manitoba province.

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