World: The United States returns to the horror of the "killer of February 9"

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 COVID-19. More than one million cases per day in the United States, a world record © Joshua Roberts / Reuters A boy in the midst of thousands of white flags, representatives of the dead coronavirus, in Washington in September 2021. United States recorded a world record of more than one million daily cases of COVID-19, Monday, January 3, 2022. Concerned with a worrying fifth wave of Covid-19 powered by the Omicron Variant, the States.

A man was extradited from Mexico to Utah, where he is charged for murders. The authorities accuse him of killing two women, two years apart, the same day of February 9, at the end of the 2000s.

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Juan Arreola-Murrillo was extradited from Mexico to Utah where he is charged for murders. This 41-year-old today's man is accused of killing two women in 2006 and 2008 at exactly two years apart. Nicknamed "the killer of February 9" with reference to the day he committed his crimes, the man is also pursued for aggravated theft, says CBS . The two victims were 29 and 57 and both were killed at home in Salt Lake County.

The first, Sonia Mejia, lived in Taylorsville with her husband and children eight years old. The morning of the murder, she would have, according to witnesses, been discussing with an unknown Hispanic man at his door. A neighbor told that he saw this suspect assigning the victim before forcing him to enter her with him. His body was then found by his husband a little later. The autopsy revealed that Sonia Mejia had been sexually assaulted and strangled to death. Terrible detail of this crime, she was six months pregnant at the time of the facts. To escape, his attacker flew his car that was found four days later. He also stolen jewelry, directly on his victim.

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Two years later, the same day, it was Damiana Castillo who was found dead at home by his son. His body was on the ground, covered with a pillow. The autopsy revealed that she too was strangled to death. The investigation also established that jewelry had also been stolen. The two women lived at a little over one kilometer from each other.

already known from the police

in 2010, the investigators managed to find a link between these two cases, thanks to a DNA profile of the suspect, which was not yet identity. It was then necessary to wait six years so that fingerprint specialists finally put a name on the alleged murderer, Juan Arreola-Murrillo. The latter was already in the police database. He had been arrested for fraud in July 2008 in Salt Lake City. The research has discovered that the address provided to the authorities corresponded to the complex where the first victim had been killed, even if he was not clarified if he lived there at the time.

The man, after pleading guilty, had been expelled from the United States. But when the police discovered that it was probably the murderer of the two women, the authorities sought to bring him back. Due to diplomatic links between the United States and Mexico, its extradition has been accepted provided that it is not sentenced to death. The man thus incurs the prison for life.

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