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Airport After his farewell to the Frankfurt Airport, the low-cost airlines Ryanair does not exclude a return in a few years.

Andreas Gruber, Geschäftsführer Laudamotion GmbH. © Danny Gohlke / DPA Andreas Gruber, Managing Director Laudamotion GmbH.

"We will certainly lead very good talks to the plot G in the new terminal 3," said the boss of the Ryanair subsidiary Laudamotion and Germany spokesman, Andreas Gruber, on Wednesday of the DPA. Finally, the growth targets of the group and the airport operator Fraport agreed well.

"We also need more airports in Germany to achieve our growth goals," Gruber said. For the summer, the Irish were stationed here for 25 jets to seven bases and fly another six airports. The group wants to carry around 225 million passengers in Europe by 2026 in Europe. That would be a significant increase in the recent record of 149 million. In the current financial year, which ends on March 30th and again strongly influenced by the Corona Pandemic, the Irish remain under its own assessment below the border of 100 million guests.

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Fast off and getting

the nearly finished pedigree G in Frankfurt he guesses as a very efficient terminal building, taking into account the requirements of low-cost airlines, Gruber said. It is important, for example, that the guests can quickly get in and off, so that an aircraft can start at least 25 minutes after landing. The operator Fraport had recently explained that the almost completed plane G should only go to the net together with the remaining terminal 3 in 2026. Europe's largest low-cost aircraft Ryanair was provided as an important customer.

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The Irish are likely to expect significant discounts on a new commitment to Frankfurt, with which they had been lured to the largest German airport in 2017. Last week, the company had announced its retreat on April for five years because of the high start and land fees. "Ultimately, the price increase has given the rash at the beginning of the year. At a time in which it has to go to bring the air traffic back, we would also have expected incentives as they are offered at many other airports in Europe, "Gruber said. As examples he called Italy, Ireland, Spain, Stockholm-Arlanda and Vienna.

Hinteregger Clears Future

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Advertising with reasonable prices

In the coming summer, Ryanair will now grow outside the Rhine Main area and against the general market trend, the manager explained. The Frankfurt flight program will not be replaced in the short term. «The bill pay the passengers in Frankfurt and the surrounding area with significantly higher ticket prices.»

The gap is also closed on the Hunsrück airport Hahn, which is about 110 kilometers away, Ryanair has been marketing as "Frankfurt-Hahn" since 1999. Gruber said: "At the airport Hahn we have to wait, as the bankruptcy runs. We currently have over 60 weekly departures and two stationed aircraft for the summer. »

The airline will also stick to advertising with very favorable ticket prices like 9.99 euros to utilize the aircraft announced Gruber. The same had recommended group boss Michael O'Leary on Wednesday of Lufthansa, who complained about ghost flights. Lufthansa boss Carsten Spohr had stated that the Group had to organize "18,000 additional unnecessary flights" in the winter timetable "in order to keep certain start and land rights according to EU specifications.

No agreement on collective bargaining for public banks .
Also a negotiating marathon has not brought a breakthrough in the fifth tariff round for public banks. Employers and unions want to continue their talks, as both sides assured on Friday. © Jens Büttner / dpa central picture / dpa members of the union Verdi at the warning strike (2020). A new appointment was initially not communicated. The Union Verdi wants to print with further warning strikes. «The three percent offered by the employer side only look good at first glance.

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