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World: OM: Bakambu, a dirty shot for Milik

Basket-LDC: Matches broadcast in clear

 Basket-LDC: Matches broadcast in clear with a lack of visibility in the French audiovisual landscape, French basketball has glean a victory. The National Basketball League announced this Monday via its Twitter account, free diffusion for viewers of the next tricolor club matches engaged in the league of Champions . An agreement was found between the French instance and the Champions League basketball. This concerns Strasbourg and Dijon.

while the arrival of Cédric Bakambu in Marseille says, Ludovic Obraniak estimates that Akadiusz Milik does not have the recognition he deserves.

Arkadiusz Milik sur le départ ? © Provided by Football 365 Arkadiusz Milik on departure?

Olympique de Marseille is about to focus on the services of the attacker Cédric Bakambu. An more trigger for Jorge Sampoli who already has a renowned scorer in his workforce in the person of Arkadiusz Milik . For Ludovic Obraniak, who experienced the Center in Polish selection, the qualities of Milik are underutilized.

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video: 19th j. - Pochettino: "We were not good in our position set" (Dailymotion)

Lauterbach: Fast vaccination light, but without sanctuary

 Lauterbach: Fast vaccination light, but without sanctuary Federal Health Minister Lauterbach wants an early vaccination. "The vaccination requirement must come quickly," he said to the RND. He work on a proposal for a vaccination obligation for people over 18 years. Lauterbach: "He should be unbureaucratic and preferred without a sanctuary. There should also be no new report structures, "said Lauterbach. "The vaccination requirement must come quickly.

"The big attacker, it's Milik"

" We do not just talk about an attacker but a big Attacker and precisely, with Milik, Marseille already has his big striker , launched the old left-handed, now consultant on the chain the team. But they just do not know how to use it. I invite you to watch Milik's movements with OM when he holds ... The way it goes for others ... The problem is that on the end of last season, OM has played that concentrated in the axis. When you have Milik, it's a boy who needs to have diversity in the game. He needs centers. He is a surface man. It is a man who knows how to place themselves in the surface. He feels the game. In Marseille, we do not play spontaneously with him. Already, he lets you know an attacker who is a great striker. Bakambu, I see it as a complement. It's not a big striker. The great striker is Milik, "Obraniak concluded.

NYPD Cop Killed in Harlem Shooting, Another in Critical Condition .
Two police officers were shot in Harlem on Friday night, with one killed and the other left in critical condition, the latest in a string of attacks on officers in New York City. A suspect was also shot and killed in the altercation, though whether it was by police is unclear. The police were responding to a call reporting a domestic disturbance—a dispute between a mother and her son, according to the New York Post—when the gunfire erupted. A shot hit one of the cops in the face, the Post reported. According to ABC 7, four cops have been shot within the past 24 hours in the Big Apple. In all, six officers have reportedly been shot in 2022.

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