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World: Germany bangs about playmakers

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behind the use of Philipp Weber at the EM prelude to Belarus is a question mark.

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The use of playmaker Philipp Weber in the European Championship game of the German Handballer on Friday (Germany - Belarus from 18.00 clock in Liveticker) against Belarus is questionable.

"He could not throw so well yet," Bundestrainer Alfred Gislason reported on Thursday in front of the German Team Hotel in Bratislava, but also expressed itself optimistic: "I assume that he will be ready for the game - just like everyone else . "

Weber had suffered a shoulder impeller at the right throwing arm at the general rehearsal against Olympic champion France (35:34). The final training on Thursday becomes the hardet test for the 29-year-old from SC Magdeburg. "It would be extremely important to us that he is full of forces," Gislason said.

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The German team is slightly favors in the game against Belarus, despite eight tournament debuts in the 17-member squad. "We will not underestimate the opponent," Gislason announced. Further opponents in the first phase of the EM (until 30 January) are Austria on Sunday (18.00 pm) and Poland on Tuesday (18.00 clock). In the preliminary round, the first two teams qualify for the main round. (Data: Schedule and Results of the Handball EM)

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