World: GZSZ-Star Jörn Schlesvigt: Serial comeback with "Conflict potential"

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Since 2004, Jörn Schlesvoig (35) as a Philip Höfer to the main cap of " good times, bad times ". After 17 years at the set, however, the popular performer announced a break from the series last summer. The reason: He wanted to take more time for his wife Hannah Weig (26) and daughter Delia (4) and travel the world. Now the GZSZ star has come back and promises: it will be exciting!

GZSZ-Star Jörn Schlönvoigt - Serien-Comeback mit © Imago / Photostead GZSZ-Star Jörn Slebenvoigt - Serial Comeback with "with a lot of conflict potential" GZSZ-Star Jörn Schlebvigt is from the series break back

Back When turned the actor in the RTL interview that he is Really pleased to be back and "with the team this year to tell new, exciting history". Finally, cult series will celebrate its 30th anniversary in May.

The risk of conflict in Ukraine is "real", warns Jens Stoltenberg

 The risk of conflict in Ukraine is NATO is concerned about the "real" risk of conflict in Ukraine with the continuation of Russian military strengthening at its borders, and must prepare for failure From diplomacy, warned Friday the Secretary General of the Jens Stoltenberg Alliance.

Maldives, Dubai, USA: Actor has experienced a lot in his break

But Jörn Schlebvigt also enjoys the memories of the past months. "We were really a lot on the way and always decided spontaneously, where it goes next," he swarmed from his shared break with the family.

At first it would have led it to Spain, then to Italy. They were also in the Maldives, in Dubai and America. "Finally, we were in Austria until Christmas," the actor counted up their destinations. Of course, he had not hung the work entirely to the nail and the Office has ever exchanged against the beach to do everything from there.

Traveling with daughter Delia has worked perfectly

his little daughter Delia, which has become four years old in December, had well cared for during the trips. "It was just great to see how she enjoyed the time and opened openly to every new adventure and destination. That made us very happy," said the 35-year-old. She also made great development jumps in time.

The West has a few bargaining chips to stop Russia from invading Ukraine

  The West has a few bargaining chips to stop Russia from invading Ukraine About 100,000 Russian troops have been spotted at the Ukrainian border.Although US and NATO leadership have both expressed a strong desire for a diplomatic path forward, more aggressive options to support Ukrainian sovereignty against Russian aggression, including major trade restrictions, are reportedly on the table.

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the only thing he has sometimes missed on his vacation, had been working with his team colleagues, many of whom are his friends . "I am a big fan of the series and team," he stressed.

How is Philip and Sunny continue?

How is Philip on Kolle-Kiez now? "I can only reveal so much: Philip is warmly received by the siblings. Laura and John have come closer ..., the year starts the same turbulent," says Jörn Schlevigt. Laura is finally Philips ex-girlfriend! Whether that leads again to the dispute between the brothers? Between his half-brother John (played by Felix of Jascheroff , 39) and Laura (played by chryssanthi kavazi , 32), it had neatly tanned in recent weeks . Philips twin sister Emily is anything but enthusiastic about it. The viewers can "look forward to really exciting stories - with a lot of conflict potential," Jörn promised.

JungleCamp 2022: RTL announces all 12 candidates

 JungleCamp 2022: RTL announces all 12 candidates RTL also sends twelve stars to the jungle camp again 2022 - and this time to South Africa.

Speaking Crops: That is redeemed by Philip and Sunny (played by Valentina Pahde , 27) is hardly an option for Jörn Schlebvoig. "After Philip was abroad five months and spontaneously extended his stay, the chances are not very good," he made it clear. He would already wish a new love story his role Philip: "Who knows, the great love would definitely deserve my role after so many years of disappointment finally."

"Good times, bad times" runs on Mondays to Friday at 19.40 at RTL and at any time in advance on RTL +.

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