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World: Gresini-Ducati is the first MotoGP team the new colors for 2022!

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Enea Bastianini und Fabio Di Giannantonio starten 2022 für Gresini-Ducati © Gresini Racing Enea Bastianini and Fabio di Giannantonio Starting 2022 For Gresini-Ducati

The Gresini team has the first of the twelve MotoGP teams presented the motorcycles for the 2022 season. For the Italian team, the season 2022 represents a new beginning. In the previous year, the team with Ducati agreed and committed Enea Bastianini and Fabio di Giannantonio.

After the death of team founder Fausto Gresini, Widow Nadia Padovani took over the management of the team. The Italian is the only team boss in the MotoGP. From Bastianini, Padovani expects podium places. Team College di Giannantonio is said to be best rookie.

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When painting the two ducatis, the colors dominate blue and red. Aldo Drudi is responsible for the design, who created the helmet designs of Valentino Rossi in the past and thus gained great awareness. The goal in the development of the paint was to unite the colors of Gresini and Ducati and create a unique color combination.

Enea Bastianini wants to go to the top, Fabio di Giannantonio with new start number

Enea Bastianini returns to the Gresini team after its MotoGP debut season with esponsorama Ducati. "It's great to be united again with the Gresini family. Unfortunately, Fausto is not there anymore," commented Bastianini, which makes a significant increase for his second full season in the MotoGP: "I want the top for every race 5 fight. "

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Fabio di Giannantonio drove already in the Moto2 for Gresini and had a MotoGP preliminary contract. In the MotoGP, however, the Italian has to get used to a new start number. "I always drove with the number 21, but I can not use, but I can not use Morbidelli with it with it. I decided for the number 49. I have looked at and saw that it never gave this number in the MotoGP," explains the rookie .

Ducati Corse Chef Luigi Dall'igna promises full support

The newly set gresini team is the fourth Ducati team in the MotoGP. Ducati-Corse boss Luigi Dall'igna promises the traditional team full support: "Gresini is now part of the Ducati family. This is very important for us. We will grab the team under the arms in the course of the season, both from technical point of view As well as the staff. Gresini will receive full support from us. "

The Ducati Corse boss looks exactly what the two young Italians do at Gresini. "At the Jerez Test, 'Diggia' left a positive impression. I saw that he could enjoy driving," says Luigi Dall'igna.

Pol Espargaro makes clear: The old Honda RC213V was not Marquez-Bike

 Pol Espargaro makes clear: The old Honda RC213V was not Marquez-Bike © Honda Marc Marquez won 2021 Three races, Pol Esppargaro succeeded only a second place on April 8, 2018, Cal Crutchlow won the Grand Prix of Argentina. Since then, with the exception of Marc Marquez, there has been no other Honda pilot to gain an MotoGP race.

"Enea drove for the first time the 2021 machine - a further development of his previous machine. He had a very good first impression, the lap times were good. The first steps for 2022 were very good," bald'igna accounts.

What does the Ducati Corse boss expect from the Gresini pilots? "Enea has to continue developing in the MotoGP. He showed a very good rookies season and already drove to the podium. He has to go on this way and continue to grow. He could become a serious opponent this season," notes Luigi Dall'igna. "'Diggia' must take Enea to the model."

tragic team history with two deaths

The Gresini team graduated in 1997 his first season in the premier class. After a trip to the 250er World Cup, the team of Fausto Gresini returned to the MotoGP in the 2001 season. The project was overshaded by the fatal accidents of Daijiro Kato in the 2003 season and Marco Simoncelli in the 2011 season.

After many years with Honda, Fausto Gresini agreed before the start of the MotoGP season 2015 with Aprilia and was until the end of 2021 for the Commitment of the Italian manufacturer responsible.

After seven together years, Aprilia and Gresini ended separated paths at the end of the past season. Aprilia is represented with its own work team from 2022.

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