World: In Lebanon, the Justice Detached against the Untouchable Banking Secret

Haiti. Six months after the death of the president, the hint roams around the power

 Haiti. Six months after the death of the president, the hint roams around the power © Richard Pierrin - AFP The Prime Minister and Acting State, Ariel Henry, promised Justice but landed the prosecutor. Six months after the assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Moses, the Survey Patina. But the relations between one of the main suspects as a Cavale and the current Prime Minister, Ariel Henry, refocate surface. Difficult to say whether the horizon clears or darkens in the survey on the assassination, on July 7th, the President of Haiti .

The Associate Prosecutor at the Court of Cassation, which investigates the boss of the Bank of Lebanon, Riad Salamé, was interrupted in full search.

Riad Salamé, patron de la Banque du Liban, à Beyrouth, le 11 novembre 2019. © supplied by the world Riad Salamé, boss of the Bank of Lebanon, to Beirut, November 11, 2019.

in Lebanon, country in full economic debacle, where the currency has lost more than 90% of its value, the " Party of banks "does not go back to anything to preserve its secrets. And the coarse tactics are used to prevent justice from putting his nose in the business of the Politico-Financial Nomenklatura, responsible for the bankruptcy of the state. The scene, worthy of a bad polar, which took place Tuesday, January 11 in the morning, at one of the largest banks in the country, in Beirut, provides an example.

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Jean Tannous, Assistant Attorney at the Court of Cassation, which investigates Riad Salamé, the boss of the Bank of Lebanon (BDL), suspected of whitening and diversion of funds, hoped that day to hit a big blow. Six financial institutions had to be simultaneously searched by the judicial police.

Salamé Case: The Transnational Survey Bute on Lebanese Bank Secret

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obstructs justice

during the fall of 2021, Jean Tannous fought against these banks which, in the name of the banking secrecy, untouchable pillar of the modern Lebanon, refused him access to the accounts of Raja Salamé. One of these institutions took the hierarchy of the magistrate to obtain his setting out, on the ground that he would have exceeded his prerogatives. The Court of Cassation rejected this request, allowing Jean Tanouous to leave at the offensive.

Secret audio sheds light on dictator’s frantic last hours

  Secret audio sheds light on dictator’s frantic last hours The BBC has obtained extraordinary recordings believed to be of phone calls made by Tunisian ex president Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali as he flew out of the country in 2011. These final moments show how his authority crumbled, sealing the fate of his 23-year dictatorship and sparking the region's wave of pro-democracy 'Arab Spring' uprisings. © BBC © BBC The recordings have been forensically analysed by audio experts who found no evidence of tampering or manipulation.

But Tuesday, no difficulty had settled in one of the six banks, which the Deputy Prosecutor received an appeal from his superior, the Attorney General, ordering him to cancel the searches. The magistrate is then reparty Bredille. According to Lebanese media, the Parquet Officer intervened at the request of the current Leader of the Government, Najib Mikati, a billionaire shareholder of a Lebanese bank.

In Lebanon, a government without surprise, after one year of crisis

accused of obstacle to justice, the person concerned defended his action on behalf of "the need not to undermine what remains of the economic and financial pillars of the country " "Even when Israel invaded Beirut, [the soldiers] were not entered into institutions with arms in this way," he added, with reference to the attack of the country of cedar by the Hebrew state In 1982. Not sure that this parallel was the taste of Lebanese depositors, whose savings are worthless.

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