World: COVID 19: Strong drop in anti-pass mobilization with 54,000 protesters in France, according to the Ministry of the Interior

rebounds of the anti-pass mobilization, with more than 100,000 protesters in France this Saturday

 rebounds of the anti-pass mobilization, with more than 100,000 protesters in France this Saturday © Cha manifests have marched in Paris against the vaccinal pass this Saturday. The return of the stick. Four days after the "Emmers" promised by Emmanuel Macron to the non-vaccinated, anti-VAX anti-pass mobilization was heavily on the rise on Saturday. 105,000 opponents beat the pavement in several cities in France, returning with magnitude mobilizations.

last weekend, some 105 200 protesters had been recorded by the Ministry of the Interior.

  Covid 19 : forte baisse de la mobilisation des anti-pass avec 54 000 manifestants en France, selon le ministère de l'Intérieur © Provided by FranceInfo

"Liberty", "No to the vaccine" ... The manifestations of the sanitary Pass and "Antivax" brought together 54,000 participants throughout France, according to the Ministry of the Interior, Nearly two times less than last week (105,200), which had been marked by a very net rebound in mobilization.

In Paris, four processions mobilized 7,000 people and four people were arrested, according to the department. Some 5,800 participated in the gathering organized by the Patriots of Florian Philippot, who has sworn around 15 hours of the Trocadero, while manifestations of "yellow vests" were held elsewhere in the capital. The stakeholders in the gallery scanned with the crowd of "Djokovic freedom", in Serbian: encouragements for the tennis champion that the Australian government does not want to let in the soil for the Open d'Australia because it is not is not vaccinated.

The professors on strike to denounce the chaos of the health protocols

 The professors on strike to denounce the chaos of the health protocols The mobilization promises to be massive: the teachers of France, exasperated by the waltz of the health protocols related to the epidemic of Covid-19, are called to a strike on Thursday, which should lead to half the schools. All teachers' unions have called for a strike in schools, colleges and high schools. They denounce "an indescribable mess" in schools - and especially schools - because of the fifth epidemic wave and health protocols it involves.

A team of journalists attacked in Paris

A team of the France-Presse agency was threatened with death and assaulted and one of the safety officers the protectant to the head, after the departure of the procession at the Palace of Tokyo. About 150 individuals, identified as being extreme right by the journalists, arrived near the team. At the call of a crooked individual, at least fifty people headed for videographer to fight with her. The protective agents interbosed before being struck, especially with batons, then they protected the videographer . The security agent has received a bottle on the head, opening the scalp.

In the rest of the country, 47,000 protesters and six arrests were identified. The protesters were 1,300 in Lyon, 1,140 in Nantes, 1,000 in Bordeaux, 950 in Rennes, 750 in Marseille, 650 in Clermont-Ferrand, according to the police or prefectures. For all these protesters, the challenge was to do at least as well as the previous Saturday. In the wake of Emmanuel Macron's statements, decided to "emmerder" the non-vaccinated, 105,200 demonstrators had then been recorded by the Ministry of the Interior throughout France, four times more than the 25th of the previous mobilization December 18th.

More than 50,000 people protest in France against new corona vaccination pass

 More than 50,000 people protest in France against new corona vaccination pass tens of thousands of people protested on Saturday in France against the introduction of the new Corona vaccination pass. Alone in Paris spent four rallies. Even in cities such as Montpellier, Toulouse, Lyon, Nantes, Bordeaux and Marseille, opponents of the measure went to the street. The Ministry of the Interior spoke of a total of 54,000 participants. Ten demonstrators were arrested, four of them in Paris.

Some Pass disabled this Saturday

a few hours before these events, MPs

adopted the controversial bill transforming the vaccine passenger pass into second reading. The debates resumed in the Senate, before an ultimate vote of the National Assembly Sunday afternoon.


PASS Vaccinal: Here are the four major changes made by the Senate to the bill The Pass is present on a third front this weekend: for lack of anti-Covid reminder, tens of thousands of sanitary pass

had to Be disabled

Saturday, deadline fixed in November. From now on, we must have recalled no later than seven months after the previous injection, otherwise the Pass is disabled. This period will even be reduced to four months on February 15th. In theory, some 560,000 people were likely to lose their pass on Saturday, according to the Ministry of Health. But the actual figure is difficult to determine, especially because we can not distinguish people who have been infected without notifying it in the allanticovid application, which prolongs the validity of their pass.

The agreement of a single parent again sufficient to vaccinate a child against the CVIV-19 .
© Copyright 2022, the Obs the agreement of a single parent becomes sufficient to vaccinate the 5-11 years against the COVID-19, announced on Tuesday, January 25 the Ministry of Health which seeks to take off the vaccination in children .

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