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World: slight drop in the number of CVIV-19 patients in the resuscitation services

The doctors and nurses defying Myanmar's military

  The doctors and nurses defying Myanmar's military The doctors and nurses defying Myanmar's militaryMost interviewees' names have been changed for their security.

  Légère baisse du nombre de malades du Covid-19 dans les services de réanimation © Copyright 2022, the Obs

is the beginning of the end? An accaltimia appears in any case in the critical care services that receive COVID patients, where hospitalizations are slightly declining for the third day of continuation, according to official figures issued this Saturday, January 15th. Evening.

These services have 3,852 serious patients from COVID, compared to 3,895 the day before, 3.939 Thursday and 3 985 Wednesday.

On the other hand, this decline is not yet observed in the number of deaths, nor in the total number of hospitalized patients (24,544, compared with 23,889 on Wednesday), nor in the daily number of new cases of contamination identified.

with Omicron, fewer resuscitation patients, and less stays at

 with Omicron, fewer resuscitation patients, and less stays at Hospital if it is much more contagious than the delta variant, Omicron causes less symptoms of respiratory distress and therefore sends fewer patients in services critical care. © Bozon A patient with COVID-19 is elongated at the Hospital Pasteur in Colmar, in eastern France, April 22, 2021 the first estimates of OMICRON and intensive care passages seem to be confirmed with time.

The latter amounts to 324,580, against 303,669 the previous Saturday. The rise, however, seems to slow down since the number of cases was 219 126 on Saturday, January 1st. On average, over the last seven days, 297,000 daily cases are listed against 279,000 on the previous Saturday. This calculation makes it possible to smooth the differences observed from one day to the next, often artificially created by data collection problems.

A decrease related to the characteristics of the Omicron variant?

It is too early to draw conclusions from the decline beginning in critical care but, if it confirms, it could be related to the characteristics of the Omicron variant.

It is more transmitted that its delta predecessor and seems also to cause fewer serious forms of the disease (without knowing how it is due to its characteristics or the fact that the population is already in part immunized by the vaccination or previous infections).

Vic quarantine hotels to house COVID cases

  Vic quarantine hotels to house COVID cases Two Melbourne quarantine hotels will be transformed into medical facilities to treat Victorians battling COVID-19, freeing up more hospital beds as cases surge.The state recorded a further 18 COVID-related deaths and 34,836 new cases on Friday, including 15,440 from rapid antigen tests and 19,396 from PCR tests.

For all these reasons, the specialists consider it possible that it is less responsive to the resuscitation, since it causes less serious forms, while heavily weighing on the beds of hospitals in general.

on the ground of vaccination, 53.6 million people received at least one injection (79.5% of the total population) and 52.3 million now have a complete vaccination scheme (77.5% of the total population). 31.6 million people received a recall dose.

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