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World: Announced in Boca Juniors, Dario Benedetto is no longer summoned with Elche

Tennis - Open d'Australia: Djokovic announces to the coronavirus last December

 Tennis - Open d'Australia: Djokovic announces to the coronavirus last December © Panoramic Djokovic 171121 While he is still in retention in Melbourne, Novak Djokovic informed via his lawyers that his medical exemption has been justified by coronavirus infection last December. Novak Djokovic decided to give some additional elements. beneficiary of a medical exemption from the State of Victoria to participate in the Australian Open by subtracting the immunization obligation decided last October, the world number 1 is at the heart of a controversy.

  Annoncé à Boca Juniors, Dario Benedetto n'est plus convoqué avec Elche © provided by Sofoot

No Pipeau for PIPA .

loaned by the Olympique de Marseille to Elche, Darío Benedetto is in the process of leaving the Valencian community earlier than expected, without stop by the Canebière.

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Indeed, the 31-year-old striker is insistence on the side of Boca Juniors , and his return to Buenos Aires would not be than a question of details. In Elche, the leaders decided not to procrastinate, since PIPA is no longer summoned in the occupational group (two goals and a decisive pass since his arrival). He who has not been last October 23 and a draw against Espanyol (2-2) no longer appears on the leaves of match franjiverdes , as was the case this Sunday against Villarreal (1-0 victory).

Finally, only Santiago Bernabéu will have yielded to her charm.

EHPAD: After suspicions of abuse, the Opea boss summoned on request from Olivier Véran .
© Runstudio / Getty Images EHPAD: After suspicions of abuse, the boss of ORPEA summoned on request of Olivier Véran The Minister's Autonomy Minister announced Tuesday January 25 to the evening that the Director General of the Private Group of Retirement Homes was summoned by the executive after the publication of a book-investigation. Orpea summoned to explain.

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