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World: Gamestop recruits staff for planned NFT platform

ACT records 1,039 new COVID-19 cases as positive RAT results become accepted proof of infection in the territory

  ACT records 1,039 new COVID-19 cases as positive RAT results become accepted proof of infection in the territory The ACT records 1,309 new COVID-19 cases as positive rapid antigen test results are officially accepted as proof of infection in the territory.Twenty-seven people are in hospital as a result of the virus, the highest daily number of the pandemic.

The US retail chain Gamestop has been in a financial crisis for years. By building a separate trading platform for NFTs, the company hopes higher gains.

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• Gamestop recruits new employees for NFT platform

• NFT platform is to lead gamestop from the crisis

• Video game industry looks great benefit in NFT technology

American retail chain Gamestop wants a separate trading platform for digital certificates of authenticity, so-called NFTs. According to the information des Wall Street Journal, the company has already set more than 20 employees who are to look after the platform. NFT stands for non-fungible token , non-exchangeable, digital goods that give the owner a property right. Gamestop wants to integrate NFTS into trading with video play objects such as weapons for player avatars. - bitcoin action with plus 500 - that's how it works. 72% of private investor accounts lose money when using this provider CFDS . You should carefully check if you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. - After the company in April 2021 on his website had searched an analyst with Krypto and NFT knowledge, there were first rumors about possible plans of the Group. When the platform is to go to the start, but is currently unknown.

Regional NSW nurses fear COVID-induced 'exodus' from already understaffed profession

  Regional NSW nurses fear COVID-induced 'exodus' from already understaffed profession The nurses union argues the exhaustion of working during the pandemic is forcing even more people out of the already understaffed profession.For some areas in regional NSW which managed to avoid the worst of the Delta outbreak, this is the first time a significant caseload has put pressure on the function of health services.

retail chain is under Financial Print

The US company's financial situation has been tense for years. The Corona Pandemic has further strengthened the situation, as many customers preferred to shop and download video games online instead of going into a business and acquire a physical disk. In 2021 Gamestop has exchanged his leadership team including board and appointed the investor Ryan Cohen to the new chairman. As the Wall Street Journal emphasizes, the efforts of the new management have not led to a significant improvement in the company's financial performance so far. Thus, the revenue in the third quarter of 2021 could be increased, but losses were higher than in the same period of the previous year. Revenues were achieved by the sale of hardware, while software sales were declining.

Web3: Operas first beta of the "Crypto Browser" is there

 Web3: Operas first beta of the operas new "crypto browser" for the web3 is here. It offers an integrated wallet without depot function and is now available for Windows, Mac and Android users. © Morocko / Shutterstock Web3: Operas first beta of the "Crypto Browser" is Da The Norwegian Software House Opera is known for its web browser of the same name, combined with a considerable stubbornness, thus the superiority of Chrome, Firefox and increasingly also to put Edge.

also the Gamestop share had taken care of the excitement last year after small investors on Internet platforms such as Reddit drives the price of the share and thus provided for billions of losses of hedge funds, which speculated on a bankruptcy of the company. The operation of an NFT platform could be a way for Gamestop to balance its financial losses. Whether this effect really occurs remains to be seen.

also want video game developers use NFT technology

according to information of Wall Street Journal, analysts assume that crypto feeds such as Bitcoin , Mooncoin or EtherEm but also NFTS and blockchain technologies in the future an important role in the video game industry play. Since consumers of video games already spend a lot of money for virtual goods anyway, be the ideal target group for such technologies. Through NFT technology, consumers could continue to acquire virtual real estate from video games such as the Dentencraland and other video gaming collectibles, which are increasingly popular. Not only retail chains like Gamestop see a gain in the NFT technology, also various video game developers have begun in recent weeks to sell NFTs or they have made appropriate future plans publicly. These include companies such as Ubisoft Entertainment , Zynga and Square Enix . Some representatives of the industry as well as some players have expressed concerns. You have doubts about the value of NFTs for game developers, which is why the motivation lacks to implement technology.

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John Lennon's son Julian selling Beatles memorabilia as NFTs .
Julian Lennon is selling Beatles and John Lennon memorabilia as non-fungible tokens (NFTs).The eldest son of late legend John Lennon is selling several pieces of music history from his own personal collection, but they will be sold as NFT, which are one-of-a-kind digital assets.

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