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World: Huez Alpe Festival: Let's go for the 25th edition!

Harry Styles, Billie Eilish and Kanye West will be the headlines of the next festival Coachella

 Harry Styles, Billie Eilish and Kanye West will be the headlines of the next festival Coachella The organizers hope for an event at full capacity, welcoming 125,000 festival-goers each day. © Provided by FranceInfo After The cancellation of its last two editions for pandemic, the famous Coachella Music Festival plans to return in April, with the Harry Styles Singers, Billie Eilish and Kanye West. Among the dozens of invited artists in the Californian desert, also appear Phoebe Bridgers, Megan Thee Stallion, Stromae, Rich Brian, Doja Cat and Karol G.

Festival de l'Alpe d'Huez : c'est parti pour la 25ème édition ! © ATG Huez Alpe Festival: Part of 25th edition! Canceled last year due to the health crisis, the Huez Alpe Festival opens on Monday night, for a 25th edition where comedies and stars will succeed each other throughout the week.

An anniversary, it's celebrating! And even if the health situation is not the most cheerful, and that cinema is again in a delicate situation. Thus, after Rumba the life , whose exit was pushed back from January 19 to August 24 , this is another flagship title that was recently delayed. Highly anticipated, what we all have done to the good God was dated on April 6th instead of early February. But luring the hearts, the laughter is nevertheless again at the rendezvous at the Alpe d'Huez for the 25th International Film Festival of Comedy in Isère, which takes place from January 17th to 23rd in the heart of the Alpine station .

2G-Plus at the Berlinale 2022: Festival is to take place

 2G-Plus at the Berlinale 2022: Festival is to take place © Jens Kalaene / Pool / AFP Via Getty Images 2021 found the Berlinale as a public event until the summer. The omikron wave is in full swing, the corona fall numbers rise rapidly. Nonetheless, the Berlinale is to take place as a presence event in February. This should make this a 2G plus hygiene concept. While the Berlinale 2021 took place as an online event for industry representatives and journalists, and only a solemn gala followed in the summer, a little more normality is returned in 2022.

an unmissable appointment for comedy

Identifiable appointment for comedies, French or foreign, the Alpe d'Huez Festival unveiled over the years future success in Rooms, such as Welcome to Ch'tis (2008), The first star (2009), all that shines (2010), Radiostars (2012), The Golden Cage (2013), Or, more recently club divorce , great winner of the 2020 edition. What to sit a reputation, especially regarding the famous public prize awarded at the closing ceremony, often heralding a future carton from the spectators. The 2021, edition which was to be presided over by Michèle Laroque , had been canceled because of the sanitary crisis, replaced by a label "official selection" granted to several films like dancing me , carried by Victor Belmondo , or the speech , comedy blow of heart finally exit into rooms in the summer of 2021.

Finistère. Gims, Keen'v and Michael Jones at the festival poster The Night of Stars

 Finistère. Gims, Keen'v and Michael Jones at the festival poster The Night of Stars © Archives Ouest-France Gims was on the fifth edition of the Festival at night of the stars, in Tréfz, which was canceled two times in a row. The name of Gims had already been unveiled for the fifth edition of the Tréflez Festival (Finistère), which will be held on August 19 and August 20, 2022. To complete the programming of the night of the stars, the organizers also announced the arrival of Keen'V, Michael Jones or Foenbach.

The program of the 25th Alpe Festival of Huez

this time, it is really gone, with the opening Assured from Monday night by the joyful band of Philippe Lapleau, with superhero despite him , who goes out in theaters on February 2nd. And the stars will succeed each other over the week. Even if it was offset, Franck Dubosc will defend Rumba life , its new realization . Another event, the big return of the players of Water Polo Gay who had made the festival-go- festival two years ago in the revenge of glittered shrimp. in competition, Kev Adams will have strong to cope with Gérard Depardieu in retirement home, while Thierry Lhermitte will present men at the edge of the nerve crisis against Audrey Lamy and the brigade . Always presided over by Michèle Laroque, who was already on the spot two years ago to present each at home that she had realized , the jury of the 25th Alpe Festival of Huez will consist of Joséphine Japy . , Malik Bentalha , Mathilde Seigner and Ruben Alves. So, ready to laugh?

Caesar 2022, which will succeed "goodbye the cons"? .
© Roger Arpajou / 2021, Curiosa Movies / Gaumont / France 3CINEMA / Gabriel Inc./comedia "Lost Illusions", Xavier Giannoli, is the big favorite for Caesar 2022. The Caesar Academy has unveiled this Wednesday January 26 The films nominated for the ceremony 2022. Last year, "Farewell The Cons", Albert Dupontel had won seven trophies. The ceremony will take place on February 25th and will try to forget the pandemic.

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