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World: Kiev: Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock secures Ukraine in conflict with Russia Support to

before talks about Ukraine crisis: Russia disappointed with US signals

 before talks about Ukraine crisis: Russia disappointed with US signals On Monday, the US and Russia's vice-out ministers meet to discuss Ukraine. The expectations are not great. © Photo: DPA / AP / Andriy Dubchak A Ukrainian marine soldier in the Donetsk region One day before the talks about an solution of Ukraine crisis , Russia has shown itself disappointed about the US signals. The United States continued to insist on unilateral concessions of Russia, the government in Moscow criticized the news agencies interfax and RIA on Sunday.

in the midst of the conflict between Russia and NATO Foreign Minister Baerbock traveled to Kiev. At the press conference she secured Diplomatic support to Ukraine.

  Kiew: Außenministerin Annalena Baerbock sichert Ukraine im Konflikt mit Russland Unterstützung zu © Janine Schmitz / / Imago Images / Photothek

When visiting Ukraine , Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock has struck a sharp tone towards the Russian government. Any aggression from Russia has "a high price," Baerbock said in Kiev , "economically, politically and strategically". "Diplomacy is the only way to defuse the current, highly contiguous situation," said the Foreign Minister. You will continue to vote closely with Ukraine in the future.

Ukraine conflict with Russia: US obviously consider emergency gas supplies to Europe

 Ukraine conflict with Russia: US obviously consider emergency gas supplies to Europe In Ukraine conflict, the US government for emergency gas supplies should have explored in Europe. Around one third of its gas needs, the EU relates to Russia. © Photo: Alexei Alexandrov / AP / DPA Ukraine Conflict In Ukraine Conflict with Russia , the US government has insiders explored emergency plans for gas supplies to Europe with energy companies.

Independence in the Energy Supply

Do not have a country the right to reclaim other countries, in which direction they go, which relationships they have and which alliances they are allowed to go, said Baerbock with a view to the demand for Russia, a joining of Ukraine to NATO ruled out. It is important to win independence in the energy supply. The expansion of renewable energies was essential for this.

After the cyber attack on Ukraine, Baerbock offered Ukraine the help of German experts to strengthen Ukraine's defense after an attack. With views of Ukrainian demands for German weapon deliveries, Baerbock said that it would have to leave the crisis not further escalating, but to solve with diplomatic means.

The West fears in view of a massive Russian troop march on the border with Ukraine that Russia is currently preparing an invasion of the neighboring country after the annexation of Crimea 2014. The Kremlin categorically rejects this. At the same time, he calls for the US and the NATO agreements to prohibit an eastward enlargement of NATO and the establishment of US military bases in states of the former Soviet sphere of influence.

warships "for robust defense" against Russia: Ukraine presents concrete weapons receivables to Germany

 warships The repeated cancellation of the Federal Government irritates Ukraine. Nevertheless, the ambassador defines. Also within the traffic light are doubts on no. © Photo: Sina Schult / dpa The frigate "Hamburg" in an Irini use of the EU in front of the coast of Libya in 2020. Ukraine does not loose after the clear NO of the Federal Government to Weapon Sagers .

The EU and the US have threatened to the Ukraine with sharp sanctions in the event of a possible attack on Russia. Baerbock spoke out to fill the Normandy format designated for the solution of the conflict with life again. Germany and France arrive in the conflict between Ukraine and Russia. Baerbock travels in the afternoon after Moscow to the take visit to the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lawrow .

Baerbock plans visit to Donbass

Baerbock announced that you will soon visit the contact line in the conflict area Donbass with the French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian to visit a picture of the situation. The situation there is "more than oppressive" especially in winter, she said after a conversation in the mission of the organization for security and cooperation in Europe (OSCE) in Kiev. Baerbock said, "We need progress in implementing the Minsk agreement."

A Peace Plan agreed in Minsk (Belarus) is on ice. Ukraine and Russia introduce each other to violate the agreement. More than 14,000 people have been killed by UN estimates in Donbass since 2014 at fighting between Ukrainian government troops and the separatists supported by Russia. Among other things, the EU and the US have imposed sanctions against Russia because of the Ukraine conflict.

Putin Is So Dangerous Now Because This Is His Last Chance to Seize Ukraine .
Russia’s sudden escalation around Ukraine has taken some by surprise, but the logic behind it may be deceptively simple: This winter could be Russia’s last chance to attack Ukraine. Russian military forces are amassed to Ukraine’s east, north, and south, and Ukraine’s leadership is making preparations for war. The Biden administration believes that an invasion is imminent, evacuating the U.S. embassy and readying forces to be deployed. The greatest logistical barrier to Russia’s advance is mud, and that may be frozen over before long.If Putin acts he will be inviting a cavalcade of sanctions and even military resistance from the West.

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